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    Put "save game" into the pause menu where it belongs

    The thing about saving in the current game is that it's used as a sort of "autosave" to make you not lose a ton of progress if your game crashes. There's not a conventional autosave feature since that would cause lag spikes regularly when the game saved. So I think the save when entering shelters and vehicles should stay, but there should definitely be a "save without exiting" button in the pause menu.
  2. epicdude312

    Vertical Storage Pillar

    Apologies for the necropost but apparently this sort of pillar idea with T2 slots is coming in the update this week: The one on the right is functionally identical to this. Congrats on your idea making it in, can't wait to abuse this by adding medium silos and storing over 200 items in a single T3 slot
  3. epicdude312

    New cave layer ideas

    Right now the cathedral-arch caves on all planets except Sylva and Atrox are kind of...empty. I get why this is the case for both moons and Calidor but I'd love to see the deeper caves on Glacio and Vesania get a bit more interesting. Here's some ideas: - Vesania could have an underground jungle with the planet's signature pink foliage. Maybe even reuse the old Exotic mushroom tree model? - Glacio could have an area with geothermal vents (or geysers I guess) where the geothermal activity has melted the area, exposing rock similar to the Acid Lake biome from the old Tundra.
  4. epicdude312

    New cave layer ideas

    And then they proceeded to add it. Well I'm not complaining, especially since they almost exactly implemented my Vesania idea.
  5. epicdude312

    Better orbit system

    Right now, when orbiting in the game, you go in a fixed direction above the equator of the planet. Now this works fine and allows you to land pretty much anywhere, but it could honestly be a little better. What I propose is adding a way to control the direction you're orbiting, so you can basically turn the rocket. This would allow you to reach some places easier (especially the poles) and you might not have to wait as long to wait for your base to come into view. Another nice thing would be allowing an option to only show landing pad bubbles - that way if you settled near a natural landing bubble you don't need to worry about clicking the wrong bubble and not landing at your base.
  6. epicdude312

    What was in today's patch?

    No jetpack, that's coming in the Wanderer Update (presumably 1.2).
  7. Summary: 1.0.15 - Steam - Some backpack assets getting stuck in midair Description: I joined my friend (who was hosting) on Calidor where I found that the oxygen/power bars and terrain tool were stuck in place in midair. Although they still functioned, when far away I could not view my oxygen or power levels. AFAIK there is no way to consistently reproduce this. A gateway warp appeared to fix the issue. Here's a screenshot of it in action: Notice my terrain tool and oxygen/power bars to the left of my backpack. Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: 1.0.15 Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Home x64 | v. 1809 | Build 17763.437 CPU: Intel Core i7-8700k 3.7GHz GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti RAM: G.SKILL Ripjaws V Series 2x8GB 288-Pin DDR4 SDRAM Drive: WD Blue 250GB Internal SSD
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    Update 1.1.2 - May 10, 2019

    Will we have to start a new save game to find the new underground decorations? Or will they appear in old saves? EDIT: I missed a bit of wording in the patch notes, it seems the underground stuff will appear in old save games!
  9. Also don't mind the massive pile of scrap in the background that we totally didn't make using the scrap glitch before it was patched
  10. Okay, I think this might've gone too far since you're decompiling the PAK file. Unsurprisingly this is against the EULA as it allows cracked versions of the game -- this is also why there isn't a modding community as you could definitely mod the game with a decompiled PAK. I'm not a dev or a moderator but I just wanted to let you know that this might not be the best idea without permission from the moderators or devs.
  11. epicdude312

    Is Atrox bugged? I can't get to the chambers

    This happens because of the same issue that causes underground chambers (not engines!). From what I can tell the game chooses one chamber and puts that at surface height, while all the others have the exact same height. So if the first chamber spawns in a valley, the others might spawn underground; likewise, if it spawns on a mountain then others might spawn floating in the sky. If you look around on your planet you might find a gateway on top of a mountain!
  12. Where's the file location of DefaultGame.ini? It seems like it would be fun to play around with
  13. epicdude312

    Patch 1.0.15 - April 11, 2019

    Nice, we have names for two of the previously unnamed flora! I was going to edit the Gamepedia page but it seems someone already beat me to it. Hopefully future patch notes will end up revealing more names. With respect to the patch, lots of nice bugfixes I'm happy about. Also hopefully my EVGA stream PAX code will work now since it didn't in 1.0.14. New Astronium texture is great btw, matches the ore very well and also mixes both the old green texture and the less-old purple texture.
  14. epicdude312

    Noob: Why is Atrox described as being very hard?

    That's exactly what they mean! "None" was listed under primary and secondary resources, which are unique to the planet (e.g. sphalerite and malachite on Sylva, titanite and hematite on Glacio). Atrox is not so much a mining planet as it is a gas-collecting planet. However, the materials necessary to escape a planet (i.e. make all printers, smelter, small shuttle, and solid fuel thruster, as well as a drill mod to get into harder rock) can be found on all planets. From what I can tell the "difficulty" is based off either what hostile flora spawns there or how drastically large the power requirements for gateways are.
  15. epicdude312

    ...about this Astro Royale thing

    It's actually in the game already! Research and print a buggy from the medium printer. IIRC all materials required can be found on Sylva.
  16. epicdude312

    More Systems to visit

    The satellite allowing you to go to other solar systems would make total sense! Progress further through the game and you'll see why :) Not sure if they'll ever add more though, as that would require a total rework of something endgame. Trying to avoid spoilers here but you'll know what I'm talking about when you get there (assuming you haven't already).
  17. I remember this was a thing pre-0.6.0 by changing config files but I think it would be cool to be able to start on other planets, especially now that all planets allow you to get compound, resin, and aluminum without too much hassle. It would be a fun thing to add a little bit of replay value to the early game and also would help with the fact that most players are based on Sylva because it's so annoying to move a large-scale base to another planet. It would probably be an option at save creation and I doubt it would be too hard for the devs to implement, although I'm not a dev so I can't say for sure.
  18. epicdude312

    A Fan Theory (spoiler alert)

    Nice theory, but there won’t be odd stones on all platforms as they’re actually landing spots for shuttles!
  19. epicdude312

    The Planets and Their Name Origins

    Vesania is Latin for "insanity." Probably named that due to its erratic terrain and plethora of hostile plants.
  20. I've gone to the core of Sylva twice now, and down to the mantle layer of Sylva many more times than that, in multiple different worlds, and I've not gotten the Delve Greedily and Deep achievement. The description for it is to go to the mantle layer of any planet -- I've done that and still not gotten the achievement. It's not a huge deal but I would like to actually be able to 100% the achievements. I don't think I need to share my saves since it's happened on all of them and even other players' saves. The achievement seems to be really bugged as well seeing as 0% of people have it on Steam and I've seen plenty of screenshots from people at the mantle layer of Sylva. So it's clearly not specific to my hardware but just a bug in the code that handles achievements.
  21. epicdude312

    New Character screen 1.0 - Astroneer not visible?

    Completely agree with you here. It would be nice to have the game zoom into your pod on the new game screen or something, similarly to how things worked in early access.
  22. epicdude312

    New Character screen 1.0 - Astroneer not visible?

    This isn't a bug. Bear in mind that you can always change your suit and palette from the menu when in a world by pressing Escape!
  23. Not sure exactly how feasible it is, but I've got an idea for a change that would make saving less annoying and maybe allow autosaving to be possible. This is also technical backend stuff Right now saving appears to be done on the same thread as the main game. This is shown by the small freeze that happens when you save. So my thoughts are, why not put it on a separate thread? The main issue with this is what would happen if you were to deform the terrain while saving. My thoughts on the matter are to just maybe not allow terrain deformation while saving is going on? Meanwhile positions of all modules and players should be saved until the very end because I'd assume that those take much less time to save than the actual terrain. This would theoretically allow you to still play the game while saving and not have that short freeze. It's not a super significant feature but the autosave possibility it would bring would be more than welcome and help prevent progress loss from crashes.
  24. epicdude312


    Actually they're gone, as confirmed by Joe on Discord:
  25. epicdude312

    splitting Barren in half

    Absolute madlad. Nice job. I don't have enough time or patience to do this myself but that looks awesome.