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    [] - [Xbox One X] - into storm bug]

    It seems the storm isn't dark enough to block sunlight to be detected by the solar panel.. Remember that solar panels, especially those that are high quality that's used for space travel, happens to charge, technically, with even with a faint light coming from the sun like the one in the storm.
  2. Dennis Charles Gimeno

    Home planet disappeared [Steam], []

    Seems to be that the beacons we see at the bottom of the screen is just a residual image of the previous planet that we were in. You can see the beacons but there's no planet there at all, the real planet that we came from is orbiting the sun, and wait for the home planet to get close to you, then jump to it right away. You have to stay in orbit and wait or go to orbit when your home planet comes within range.
  3. Dennis Charles Gimeno

    Vehicle entering bug

    Yes i figured this one too. In addition to removing and reattaching the seat and pressing E right away to get in, you can also use alt+left click to get into the seat too. Alt+click doesn't seem to be affected by this problem.
  4. Dennis Charles Gimeno

    Home planet disappeared [Steam], []

    I have the exactly same problem that he has. I flew out of my home planet to scout a nearby exotic planet, deployed a habitat there and put some printers and stuff. And then I decided to come back home to get more supplies, and then realized that my home planet has gone dark. I'm sure that my home planet is just below the current planet that I'm in coz I'm seeing my beacons all over the bottom part of space as shown in the screen shot and video b elow, and also similar to the original poster above. ASTRONEER 4_2_2018 12_34_09 AM.mp4
  5. Dennis Charles Gimeno

    [Merged] Vehicle Issues

    I agree with you on the part where you need to press E a bunch of times coz you can't simply get into the seat to drive the rover. One sure way to fix it is to remove and reattach the seat in the rover and press hold E right away after re-attaching. I suggest that if you're going to go inside caves, use a small rover instead and put a 2 small batteries and a small wind turbine. That works for me. If you run out of battery, just collect some energy ores in the caves, and put it in any slot of the rover. Having a large rover inside caves pulling a medium battery attached to another rover isn't practical and energy inefficient, plus wind drafts in caves are not often available.
  6. I've been encountering this bug for quite a long time now, and it's pretty much can be done easily. I'm using Microsoft play anywhere and most of the time, I play on my gaming PCs more than my xbox one. Everytime i try to climb onto the rover by moving close to the seat, facing the seat, and my mouse hovering the seat(with a note showing E enter), I hold down E and it doesn't ride the rover and just shows up my extractor, which I know happens only when you quickly press and release letter E. The only way that I noticed to fix it with 99% accuracy is to detach the seat and reattach it, then quickly press and hold letter E, and you'll be on the seat as normal. I've attached a linked video below to show you what I've been experiencing.!Al4khg9Tck4ujyRv7izvtixAtvfy There's no specific condition to trigger this bug. It happens in any situation that I'm in. Note though that at times it will work normally, but most of the time it does that. The video linked above shows the bug clearly and was replicated in one try. Please advise if you were able to reproduce the bug and let us know if you have a fix. BTW, there's also a bug shown in the video above about the wheels getting stuck in the flora after being parked for awhile, though I'll post it in a different thread.
  7. Dennis Charles Gimeno

    Astro Royale Update: April 1, 2019

    I believe this is a perfect example of April fools joke, eh?