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  1. I've had this game for quite awhile now, and though I haven't been active on here as much, I never got the Retro Suit at release. I had it right before, which was odd. Is this a bug maybe or what?
  2. Yeah i didn't either and I've had this game since December 2017, and joined this March 2018...
  3. I know this has been suggested plenty of times, but I wanted to share my thoughts and ideas for weather effects and what they could be used for. (I'll only list a few weather events and their pros and cons) DYNAMIC CLOUDS - I believe this can create some interesting dynamic weather effects and appearances. I think it would be interesting if clouds could move or be shaped. This could lead to other kinds of weather that I will list later. PROS: 1. Create new weather types, and effects or other similar things. More realistic weather, basically. 2. More life to the plane