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  1. Please make wind turbine always normal to the ground, and make it higer, because them look stupid on a ground surrounded by buildings )) Also turbines of this type in reality should have stator(for reorienting air in optimal direction for turbine) ) Please make more understandable mechanics of wind in game, because now it work almost randomly...(Two turbine set nearby. One is working, another -not. Why?)
  2. 6x9 = 54... If developers don't want hide resources, this concept can be modified to belt, with fully accesible resources, but much more convinient in use. Now you need jump around trying to get correct resource from a top.
  3. I want to make some suggestions, for convenience I numbered them. Please if you like it indicate numbers)) 1)Please make huge platform narrover, like in first pic. On a big rover all looks great, but platform is differnt story(( 2)Please change a big storage, to carousel type, like in a second pic(offcouse it's not transparent, this shoved only for better concept understanding). With long "Q" it can open inventory panel, for more comfort use. Now this storage absolutely pointless. Suggesting version should hold atleast to 56 resources(like in pic), current setup whith two medium storag
  4. +1 Also, It will be good if they make possible to rotate the cockpit. Because this is handy setup(Take a look at the screenshot.), but looks awful. Also some type of headlight would be handy.
  5. It will be great, if it possible to flatten the ground not only how it done, but in parallel to spheroid with center in a planet core. I like to flatten the ground as far, as i can go. It nice when you can build a good road. )) Now it's impossible, because planet curvature.
  6. You have it. press Q end look on a ground.
  7. +1 If they want make a game controller friendly, they should do controller type option. PC gamers sholdn't get a problems because console gamers.
  8. I'm stuck when go out from cabin that attached to a wreck. I'm literaly stuck in a wreck, it can not be drilled. I Can't see anything exept this wreck. If I had an oxy supply, then I would ruined my save, because game saved when you close the game too.
  9. Please make suicide button (maybe in main menu). If i'm stuck, and I manage to get oxygen supply, my game can be ruined. Suicide button solve this problem.
  10. I think that many of you do not like the way the storage looks in the game. If the appearance of medium and large storage facilities is still acceptable, then the huge storage looks like a stupid hedgehog. It would be great to replace it with a modular vault in the form of a revolver. What I mean. Two types of modules: the base module, with two arrows (left and right) end capacity gauge, and a storage module .The storage module has the form of a cylinder, a height of one resource, a port for installation on the base from below, and a port for installing another module from above. On the on
  11. +1 Best if this will be possible only by hand, wihout any machinery.