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  1. I play astroneer on windows from the microsoft store and the time I release this post is 6.2.19 15:52 but I still haven't got 1.0 update for astroneer. Is this an error on my end, your end, or microsoft's end?
  2. Can people please stop talking about other questons. If you have other ideas please create your own post in the ideas section and insert any ideas you have for the game. Thank you
  3. Everyone who says this, I tell them I am sorry for asking. but when I apologize they do not listen " '' hmtfmfhmnmn,gmdr,,,,,,,,,,,,rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrngfgbdbncbb,fnbgbn,hjfhdhgfdhgbdjgrdlhrgj,mfbcvnmnvcfhhjcjjh,f,vjcjfj,nb,cfjdbmbnbncjhfdnnxmmdsghdghbxbdghbnzxbgsbbzvvbxzkghkdgvvxmbzshgshgsgxzghsxbbzzsghdjjhxhzzsbhjhhjzhjcxbxbgzgghdxhjjshhjdbb = I AM VERY ANNOYED THAT YOU WONT
  4. @RebelordI don't really think it is a very good idea to have pets as it ruins the concept of the game but it would be nice to have animals though, good idea
  5. you do not use keyboard buttons or anything, you just put them anywhere in your backpack and then click on a cable and then click again anywhere on the ground.
  6. I had a large rover with 1 storage on the back, 1 medium solar on the front left, a seat on the front right and the rover kept moving backwards and wouldn't let me control it at all. I made another large rover and did the same design, but still had the same bug, tried the medium rovers and they still worked fine though. P.S. Playing on Microsoft store edition on version Very troubling Just went back on the same save, the large rovers had completely disappeared, but went i saved the game, they were stuck in a cage i made them.
  7. i have put hydrazine on my thruster for the first time, i took it off the vehicle to make it slow down, put it on the grund, but then it just took off and i can still see it in the sky though but it wont come down.
  8. Yes, i like your idea of having terrain moulds, as right not, it is hard to get a structure completely perfect and takes a long time, but could be a lot quicker and easier with moulds, these could be slotted on to the terrain tool to make it easier for building structures, but would require lots of research bytes to unlock and might require titanium or just compound. Like your ideas, keep them up!
  9. I'm just trying to get the devs to see my post if they see his bc then they have even more ideas. JEEZ i'm not bragging, so just keep what you want to say to yourself, unless it is a good thing
  10. With the food, there is already a material ready to use for food, organic, so they might as well just add the need for food, and with nthe easy mode you're talking about they should put 0 food and 0 water, because on your first day, you wont be able to obtain a mineral extractor so therefor i think the easy mode shouldn't have to use food and water.
  11. You think THATS a lot of ideas, well, check out my post, it has loads
  12. Yes there is this strange ore called astronium which is very hard to find and only spawns near the centre of the planet, try researching it and you would probably get 100k bytes!
  13. Love your idea, I have a few more on my post, come check them out. It would be very nice to have a description, but the thing is that if you have information about it, it might sound a little boring, which would discourage them to research it, but it is still a good idea.
  14. sorry for asking for guns and exo suits but could you guys please think about adding the other stuff I asked about because I think that having walls ceilings and floors are a great idea. still loving the commitment you guys have put in to shaping astroneer, plus another idea, maybe you could add servers where mass amounts of people could do things together as it really is a bit boring with just xbox multiplayer. Also it would be cool if you could actually personalize what goes on your rocket so you could change the engines and boosters. With the trucks, it is supposed to be a 25th century gold