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  1. I had the same problem I think the leg is hitting the platform but I was able to make the large shuttle somewhere else and then land on the launch pad
  2. I found a launch pad and decided to make a base here are the screenshots of it
  3. Yea I wish they had a next button so you could choose your LZ with going to main menu and deleting save and trying again
  4. Found this on YouTube but it's the same thing that keeps happening to me it's very annoying and game breaking to me.
  5. Yea I started a new save but didn't delete my old one yet just in case. I love the new Rover in the new update it makes it so easy to find resources. In the new save I get alot of lag still when the storm comes around but I'm sure that has something to do with the storm bug right now. Guess I'll wait to make a giant collection of stuff when the game is released
  6. Here is the smelter spitting off item instead of putting on storage
  7. Here is a video from my Xbox on how slow my game save is now
  8. Ok my game save is from 6.8 and I've built alot on it and on other planets and it started to lag very bad so I stopped playing and waited for 7.0 now that I got the update I loaded and the lag is even worse I can't even walk I don't want to start new again idk if this can be fixed
  9. I restarted my Xbox just now a full restart and I got the update!
  10. They said today on Twitter I'm also waiting for update on Xbox
  11. Well this was posted Yesterday so we should all get it today but I wish they would release the patch notes so we can read what they changed.
  12. Z1 posted on YouTube a video of the new update!