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  1. An old save game. And it's just this table so far! Pretty kookie. I'm going to make the game more sexy and call it a micrometeor strike.
  2. Interestingly, I had tried this originally. The only result was power could go TO the table but never from it. No matter what port I used.
  3. You can make a habitat. But, if you remember, if you're standing with nothing but what you can make with your backpack printer, you're next action is to create a small fabricator. This allows you to create all the necessities to survive. Including a medium platform. But, since the small fabricator no longer has a power base when you put it down on the surface, there's no way to hook the habitat to it to give it power. So, dead end.
  4. Along with small items losing their bases with today's update, I've also noticed a strange power issue where my "power table" no longer flows power to other tables (see attached).
  5. Looks like I just had a Steam update for Astroneer. Since the update, items like small generator and small fabricator have lost their bases when you set them down on the surface. In other words, there's no way to give them power. And, in other words, if you go to another planet, there's no way to create a medium platform without power to the fabricator. This happend right after today's update.