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  1. Tutoriotal crash to desktop: I tryed to buld the O2 generator for the shuttle,but the game crash to desktop. The tractor glitch into the ground. I tried 2h to bring my tractor back to the planet, no chance. I'm waiting for version 1.1, because I do not want to waste my time with these mistakes. Maybe you should hire new beta testers. I think you made a lot of kids unhappy today.
  2. Mauzehton

    [0.10.5] Exotic Moon Test

    Mampfy, in der Mitte war schon immer keine Gravitation. Im Moment spiel ich nicht, denn in den letzten 2 Jahren hat sich nicht wirklich was getan. Wenn das mit 1.0 so weiter geht, dann begeistert mich das nicht gerade.
  3. I do not understand why we can build vehicles when some of the planets/moons are completely impassable. Where is the Rocket-Belt please!!!!!! Exotic Moon Test: I build a small base, a big and a mid vehicle and a big shuttle. I try to drive, but the terrrain is impassable with all vehicles. I launch to space, but there is only one point of interest on this Moon. The "Admin tool" for the resources is horrible, it is not funny to waste my time to get the resoureses. This tool is not a solution for custom build. Give us a blueprint for this tool or switch to build without resources. I played with the terra former a bit and walked around a bit. There were no problems but the performance is not very good. Unfortunately, this test planet is completely without fun.
  4. Today i checked Astroneer in Steam, it was a fresh installation before the last update comes. Steam's check tells me : 186 files are not correct and want to download it again. I delet all files and try it wit a fresh installation.
  5. Not hidden or present on the platform, i can place other objects direct on the same slot.
  6. EDIT Function for posts??? cant find it. Correct Astro Version is
  7. The planetary system is totally frustrating when traveling, after waiting for 8 minutes to travel from Karg to Tundra I stopped playing. Boring... ?
  8. Summary: 0.10.1 Printet objects despawn or glitch in the planet Description: Some times... - Printed objects fall into the planet when I unpack them on the ground. - Printed objects despawn when I unpack them on a Plattform. Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: 0.10.1 Specifications: Astro: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\ASTRONEER Early Access (ST3500514NS) attachement: dxdiag.txt DxDiag.txt
  9. Some funny things, but its not good for the game.
  10. I cant produce energy with the rocket engine and the wind turbine. The limitations of the physic engine make it impossible. Please make it possible, thank you.
  11. Mauzehton


    Recycle machine is a good idea. Put canister on it and get back 20% of resources, energy or nothing. For me, dynamite is not the best solution to destroy things.
  12. Mauzehton

    A Bug Collection

    not working light (some times it work again after restart the game) tool extensions must re-equiped to work to many mushrooms after loading around the habitat and landing capsule starts to quick tool works to good with extension canister can placed in backpack replicator Oxygen bug, why building a truck when you can use a platform using the seat fill the replicators in inventory Bug Clip Part 1 (YT)