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  1. Yes with "-nosound" It Works. What happen? I can't play with sounds now
  2. Hello again guys, this is one of the vidéos, it can be cool if this can work again ! =)
  3. Hello guys, I saw in a video someone using a drill directly plugged to the rover and it worked for him. I tryed it today but I have no key to activate the drill. Is it the same for you?? sorry for my english
  4. I made a new home, and I died. Now I awlays spawn at the new home with nothing to live around. I have found dinamites, but why dinamites can't destroy my new home huhu :[
  5. I don't like very much the new version too, new buildings system, new researsh system... Now at the first moment in the game you can not buy the technologies but you can see them all, there is no more surprises or discovery. It's a very good game, but I hope it will not come out like this.. By encouraging the team for their work. looking forward te seeing more !