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    ya wish the hotfix could of had that in it too, stuff like that would be nice to have addressed quick
  2. this happens alot on multiplayer, where you playing multiplayer? or solo.and it may still be there and you cant see it, so try and dig some up and see if it collects on the end of your gun, when this happens in my multiplayer game i play i collect what i can and just leave
  3. diseasedmeat

    How to find old-timer Astroneers.

    how about endless storms on home planet at first...omg also the stupid endless rocks also.
  4. diseasedmeat


    only time we have used the splitter in our multiplayer game is to see what it does, it holds no real value in the game, power is not an issue at mid-game, enough batterys and rtg's or solar panels, you never can run out of power. i wish they would really rework them
  5. diseasedmeat

    What Gaming News Outlets Don't Know About Astroneer

    no i think that would go to far in my choice, as much as i want things to change it is still my choice to come here still with knowning they dont read here, cuz i have some hope, it is also my choice to keep playing the game with its flaws, if they choice to lie or misslead that would be on them, not my concern or issue. i do agree with you on your other idea on emailing ses and brining some attention that way, but in my mind i think going outside to gaming outlets is just too much. just my two cents
  6. diseasedmeat

    Dev Road Map

    for all the older members here, way back before 1.0 , i know @Blind Io and @The Touch of Grey Gamer are a few, but do you guys remember the good old vlogs? they also seem to not give a shit about those either here.
  7. diseasedmeat

    Co-op game confusion

    yes you can only coop with ppl that have the game and are also on your steam list, there are no open coop games you thinking of, maybe when or if dedicated servers are up. they also have to be in game and you basiclly log into their save and their computer.
  8. diseasedmeat

    Email to System Era Support

    i support this as an idea but i dont know if listing off disapointments would go anywhere, i have pushed for a while for some form of beta testers or an active cm, even if its a trusted member of the forums/discord.
  9. diseasedmeat

    graphical glitch/bug.

    probably i would assume its the computer, with a celeron 1.4 ghz cpu. but i also have no clue what the game really requires.
  10. diseasedmeat

    Update 1.1.2 - May 10, 2019

    at least i wanna thank the ses team for letting people beta test the patch at least for a week to maybe grab one or two last bugs. i think no matter your opinion on this game is and how fast they are or are not making changes, you have to admit this is a good step, letting the comunity help . i do wish they would of done this before 1.0, let us beta test it.
  11. diseasedmeat

    April Update.....................

    i mean one that actually has a presence here, but i understand what you are saying. just a wish to have better communication
  12. diseasedmeat

    April Update.....................

    why dosent ses promote someone here among some of the older members of the forums to like a cm role. so the cm or cms can answer questions and also have a line to talk to at least someone at ses to help answer questions. ses joe any chance on ses thoughts on this?
  13. diseasedmeat

    April Update.....................

    does ses not do the videos anymore ? sad i like the vods
  14. diseasedmeat

    Patch 1.0.15 - April 11, 2019

    very buggy still in multiplayer , 3 ppl going to glacia crashed the game at least 8 times, world is so laggy, get about 10 frames a min on that world, 1 guy couldnt see any bubbles to land and had to kill of his character. just seems like the saves cant handle big multiplayer stuff yet. i keep crossing fingers for dedicated servers. items just go poof, every time we log on medium storages are gone missing,every time i get in a tractor i have to reconnect the trailers again.
  15. i believe they sometimes check the forums, but tbh they really dont or at least it dosent seem like they do. at the very least they are never active on here. i would assume your best option is to try to contact or report your issue in their discord. i know its ruff, i agree with you, i think they should have someone who actually is dedicated to the forums who actually speaks for the dev team. what they do lack in communication they do make up for in wanting to fix the game. i dont think they understand fully the damage they are causing by ignoring the forums. Only thing i can say is most likely they are aware of your issue and are trying to fix it.
  16. it happens to me all the time on multiplayer, just endure the bug nothing you can do can help. just redo the guy and keep working, its annoying but hopefully one day they will fix it
  17. diseasedmeat

    Patch 1.0.6 - February 15th, 2019

    any word on the trailers disconnecting for ppl who are not host?
  18. diseasedmeat

    This is seriously full release?

    the only issues i have are some of the huge bugs in multiplayer that still havent been fixed, it just seems like they never really played the game, not in multiplayer. i crashed/died 3 times in 2 hrs playing in multiplayer by just trying to enter a vehicle and it launches me in a weird spasm into the space station and have to close game and reconnect which kills character. so it just begs me to belive that what ever version of game they are playing or how they play if its a developmental build in special lans, that they dont really play real multiplayer cuz the huge bugs would of been fixed for 1.0. and dont get me wrong i love the game, i dont even regret buying early access, i understand the risk, i just want them to fix stuff before adding new features.
  19. so first off so far love the update,. 1. when i at random times try to pull tractor it disconnects my trailers, i cant nail down if there is a trigger that causes it but its annoying. seems to happen when i get out and then get back in sometimes it dc's
  20. diseasedmeat

    Soil Centrifuge Multiplayer Bug

    ya i only play coop and have this issue, the host seems to be able to interact but i cant.
  21. diseasedmeat

    So is this getting released at some point?

    i just hope this dosent turn into another subnautica of alot of promise and just nothing at end.
  22. nice to see that 1.0 is getting closer, sad to know i cant play the game till 1.0 with all the multiplayer bugs"(
  23. diseasedmeat

    The Crafting Update - September 6th, 2018

    i wont play till terrain 2.0 either, multiplayer needs to be fixed for me to play.
  24. diseasedmeat

    Entire base buried below ground on launch after save

    i always start a new save after each patch, it sucks with the time put in, but i look at it as now i know how to do things faster and cleaner, i use it to do different base types ie: in caves, on mountain tops, overall new challenges , well on multiplayer at least what we try to do