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  1. one of the reasons why i rarely post, like yelling in an empty room.
  2. diseasedmeat

    so Servers this month right?

    Are we still on track for getting servers for this month, if i remember correctly. any one who is in their discord heard any updates?. looking foward to it.
  3. diseasedmeat

    small update

    anyone catch what was in the small update? like 60 mb or something.
  4. now that sony i believe said its now going to be up to the devs to cross platform but from what i remember reading they said they will open it up. any words from ses about if they will allow ps4 to pc?>
  5. diseasedmeat

    Bugfixes please!

    i know, i cant wait, we just want to get it off my brothers computer, got 3 ppl to pitch in for a server, so we are excited
  6. diseasedmeat

    suit unlocks got reset

    email them
  7. diseasedmeat

    Backpack items disappear when riding tractor

    i actually dont think thats a bug, i think thats a way to help the fps i believe, but im not 100% sure on that
  8. diseasedmeat

    Bugfixes please!

    while i feel your pain, trust me, been only been coop the whole time, i dont play solo, its a pain, i really think they wont do any cuz they are hoping dedicated servers fixes it, i dont think they would look at it until after they have servers out.
  9. maybe have to do something for each color, but make them the same color and to change them the same way you do for beacons, keep the pattern. you could create some great lookging bases with the color changes, edit : keep the default color the normal one, or give us a way to use different color work lights.
  10. diseasedmeat

    Wanderer Update - September 25, 2019

    i dont think they will fix it, i think they are hoping that dedicated servers stops it.
  11. diseasedmeat

    Large Rover Attachment Issue

    im so used to it on multiplayer, it goes away or pops back out when you get in vehicle. really hopeful the dedicated servers fix this stuff
  12. this happens on the steam pc version as well,
  13. diseasedmeat

    The Exploration Update - September 4th, 2019

    im with @The Touch of Grey Gamer about the one and done stuff, but 99% of them i have never made once, the sphere and other stuff, since it serves no purpose for endgame or the things i wanna do never build them.
  14. really interested in dedicated servers, i think that is why they are not fixing the multiplayer dysnc, i think once servers are set and you use them the issue hopefully is gone. now my question is if anyone knows is, will these be ones you pay for a month and have anyone you allow to access at any times or would it be more like a ffa anyone can join etc. cuz me and the 2 ppl i play with are willing to rent a private server so we dont have to wait for our host to be on.
  15. diseasedmeat

    The devs do care about us.

    i hope they make a train, i really wish they would make super end game stuff, stuff that requires somehow like a silo of all one res gives an ignot of that , and have like really hard things to get.