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  1. diseasedmeat

    The Summer Update - June 20th, 2019

    @SES_joe thank you for coming back here and answering some feed back from @The Touch of Grey Gamer, im really happy to see someone engage on the forums, i dont know what sparked it but could you please do it more:) ignore the quoted part it wont go away.
  2. diseasedmeat

    New Summer Update ruined my saved game

    i get the frustrations, i have lost many saves but i always look foward to new saves, new types of bases in different ares, on top of mountains, on the north pole etc, i do know that i play the game probably different and have a different objective. hopefully the new patch will fix old saves for you guys. I think the game came out of early access to early, until the sync issue is fixed in multiplayer games for me its still beta. hopefully full release will be with dedicated servers. I do welcome any updates from SeS cuz even with its bugs i love the game and just ignore the issues, but im also on steam and not on xbox and dont have nearly any of the issues your platform seems for have.
  3. diseasedmeat

    New Summer Update ruined my saved game

    its always a good idea to start a new save on big patches, i know it sucks but also look at it as you can now build bases better or streamline your exploration or to try something new.
  4. diseasedmeat

    Email to System Era Support

    did you ever mail out the letter? any response
  5. diseasedmeat

    Automate the chemistry lab.

  6. diseasedmeat

    Backpack Upgrade

    With the portable oxygenator and portable RTGs in the backpack, would would be free to roam the landscape for ever. +1 for this, make something like this cost like 60k bytes or more. super end game.
  7. diseasedmeat

    Shredder Modifier

    i like this idea +1
  8. diseasedmeat


    i just see no reason to switch power to other platforms like they want you to do with the splitter, but its really not that hard to get a base running on 100% power and never run out. i never run out of power to any of my bases on my game. they probably need to be reworked or removed.
  9. diseasedmeat

    Dev Road Map

    in the end i bought this game back in EA days, early ea days and im like blind io, i got my moneys worth already form this game, i have had many many many hrs, they have repaid my investment back, i would love for them to fix alot of the issues but even if they quit as it is now, i will still have hrs left to mess around in multiplayer with brother. As much as i think its complete horse shit that SeS gives the forums very little attention, i do know that they are a super small studio with not more then i would say 20-25 ppl (unless im wrong) i just enjoy what they have done and only hope, i dont expect just hope that it gets better. I do need dedicated servers though.....
  10. im kinda of tired of having the one orbit around a planet, some of the bubbles on the poles can be annoying if your base is around there, but there has to be a way for them to be able to change which way you want to orbit around the planet or moon. You are part of a space faring world in the lore of the game, but you can only stay on one orbit? even if it can be done with hydrozine thrusters and cost alittle bit more. just my 2 cents, it would be nice (im not suggesting free roam orbit) but at least 3-4 different set orbits would be fine, and a way to tell the game which direction you would default on.
  11. diseasedmeat


    ya wish the hotfix could of had that in it too, stuff like that would be nice to have addressed quick
  12. this happens alot on multiplayer, where you playing multiplayer? or solo.and it may still be there and you cant see it, so try and dig some up and see if it collects on the end of your gun, when this happens in my multiplayer game i play i collect what i can and just leave
  13. diseasedmeat

    How to find old-timer Astroneers.

    how about endless storms on home planet at first...omg also the stupid endless rocks also.
  14. diseasedmeat


    only time we have used the splitter in our multiplayer game is to see what it does, it holds no real value in the game, power is not an issue at mid-game, enough batterys and rtg's or solar panels, you never can run out of power. i wish they would really rework them
  15. diseasedmeat

    What Gaming News Outlets Don't Know About Astroneer

    no i think that would go to far in my choice, as much as i want things to change it is still my choice to come here still with knowning they dont read here, cuz i have some hope, it is also my choice to keep playing the game with its flaws, if they choice to lie or misslead that would be on them, not my concern or issue. i do agree with you on your other idea on emailing ses and brining some attention that way, but in my mind i think going outside to gaming outlets is just too much. just my two cents