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  1. And a BEACON always always bring a beacon. This way, you can find your new mini base on the next trip back!
  2. The exotic planet has bad landing areas like that. You can either - bring enough soil in cannisters to build up the ground under where you landed, or bring enough fuel to immediately take off and land in another spot. If you've got zinc, you can make an inhibitor mod next time, and then use that to remove just the rock and leave the land under it. Inhibitor is really good at removing rocks, spikes, etc. Also, don't worry about clipping too much. On Barren once, I landed right in a pile of spiky rocks and one clipped right through the ship, but it was not an issue. But here, even if you
  3. Also, next time, when going to another planet, always bring along what you need to: 1. Get back - a spare solid rocket thruster or extra fuel. On the first trip/small shuttle, you just print an extra solid engine and carry it on your backpack. Later with better shuttles, you can load up enough fuel. However poorly you planned, fuel/engine to get back will get you out of it. 2. Set up a mini base - print out a medium platform B, a small printer, and a small power source or two (one generator and at least one wind or solar). Leave them "packed" so you can bring them on the backpack.
  4. Summary: - Steam - Icons and visuals do not show up in the research panel Description: Click Q to open backpack. Hold Q to open the research panel. The display icons are all black circles on the left. Main screen to right is just a blue screen with white grid lines. No imagery anywhere on the screen. See screenshot. Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: - Shipping Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Home x64 | 10.0.16299 CPU: Intel Core i5-5200u CPU @ 2.20GHz GPU: Intel HD Graphics 5500 RAM: 6GB Drive: HGST HTS541010A9E6