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  1. I took many photos with it, clicked on it, right clicked on it, dug around it and nothing, no pallet or visor unlocked.
  2. Mixxy

    Extreme wind

    It is an exotic world i'm not sure if i started it in 0.7 but the game is updated to that, i have had this save for a couple of weeks but have only played it for about 7 hours, I am on steam
  3. Mixxy

    Extreme wind

    As soon as we make anything it flies across the map and never seems to come back, our rover got me flying half way across the world and cant put anything down, wind even occurs in the caves and underground places
  4. Hi i play on steam and after about 40 minutes of playing the game this glitch happens to me, i cant access my backpack properly, walking through habitat and not being able to pick up certain items, i am not sure how to attach files but i really enjoy this game for what i have played so far and i really want to continue playing it with my friends, if you could try your best to fix this that would be very much appreciated, I hope you guys manage and thank you for your time