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  1. Dartheblue

    Not having enough bytes, but I do

    Yes it did but just a little thing to mention i guess!
  2. Dartheblue


    Me and my friend we're playing and this is what happened XD, we have a few good memes but this is one of the best but also shows that the malachite looked like it was floating even though he was controlling it!
  3. I was just casually playing with my friend and occasionally items he'd put on his shoulder slots would not shrink down and so this was the result, we had oxygen tanks do it as well. Not a massive thing but worth noting Playing on the steam version
  4. Just a small thing but I was playing with my friend and I couldn't research any tethers even though i had the right amount of bytes however after getting 1 more it was fine. Not a big deal but worth bring it up! Playing on Steam version
  5. Dartheblue

    hovering lights

    I also had this problem with work lights and other items whilst playing with a friend, i don't know why but it was annoying since i cant plug them in if i want them on the floor!
  6. Dartheblue

    Large Storage Detachment

    So i was Building a large storage onto a small rover and then whilst it was building i had to go but when i came back and booted it up, the large storage finished building and detached from the rover and was its own separate item. Image of the large storage in a hole Thanks for making such a good game though
  7. Dartheblue

    Wind in Storms

    These all seem like good ideas whether they should spin fast or stop or possibly even break. So id like to see the storms get better even if they are buggy at the moment (however I don't think we can expect this right away I think the devs are quite busy but definately would be nice)
  8. Dartheblue

    Wind in Storms

    I'm thinking, in big storms, wind power machines to go absolutely crazy and like supply a whole load of power. Just an idea.
  9. Heres my save file to help! same problem as everybody else. Thanks for being such a great team and keep up the amazing work for an amazing game! AUTOSAVE_0_2018.03.22-17.24.51.sav