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  1. I have built a dome to store materials. The dome has a small entrance just bigger than a person. When a storm approaches I shelter in the dome. However, some debris from the storm does come through the walls and enters the dome. The debris does interact with the materials I have stored in the dome. The amount of debris does seem to be reduced compared to being out in the open. I haven't been killed in the dome by debris yet!
  2. I can confirm I have also experienced this. When I loaded a save two buggies connected in a train looked like they had sunk into the ground. When trying to drive them they hardly moved, eventually they did move but the rear wheels on the back bugging stuck were stuck in the ground (as above picture).
  3. The save system seems to auto save at your base - So if you enter your home pod to save then want to reload that last save, it will be overwritten by an auto save. Not helpful. When selecting to enter the seat on the car or turn on a small generator (on the car) with pressing 'E' it will often bring out your side tool.
  4. I started playing the game knowing nothing about it. I hadn't watched any videos or read anything about the game - I still haven't. The base building and early exploring is fun and a chilled experience. I enjoy the trial and error aspect of figuring out how things work and experimenting with different materials. I then unlocked a vehicle, loaded up with Organics for my small generator and set off on a trip. I am now lost have flipped the vehicle three times and am currently sitting at the bottom of a cavern. The plan is to get back to base and it does feel like I am alone and in danger.