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  1. Wendo

    Medium Resource Canister Bug

    Yep, they patched them to make them less resource intensive and somehow broke the capacity display of them. It's so blatant I'm really surprised this wasn't caught in testing
  2. Wendo

    Would like to shate a few suggestions I've noted

    Oh god this! They could just make the lights on the 3 person seat actually work properly, since that seat already has lights on it, they are just basically useless.
  3. Wendo

    Some polite suggestions and requests

    I love the idea of platform linking. To a certain extent that was how automation was displayed pre EA and I'm disappointed we just some fairly limited auto arms instead. Pre EA the cable links between platforms were actually conveyor belts. I would love to see that return, potentially as an upgrade option mid to late game. In fact upgrade options in general would be fantastic. Speeding up smelters for example, with an upgrade that uses more power. It would allow much more compact bases overall and be self limiting by available materials to create/store power Railings I'd also love, in fact make them carry power and oxygen and have lights (why oh why do extenders not have lights on them?). Consider them an upgrade from extenders. That way they can be barriers on roads/bridges and allow somewhat remote auto extractors Also completely agree on two way extenders, another perfect example of something that could benefit from an upgrade system using later game materials. Could be as simple as upgrade slots available in machine panels when pressing F on them
  4. Wendo

    [Merged] Vehicle Issues

    Are we still expecting rovers to fall through the ground? In this case there was no digging going on around it (not that that should matter) I wander away from it and am probably out of draw distance range, when I come back it's gone, and sure enough I find it in the cave beneath where it was placed. Honeslty this is one of the core reasons I stopped playing years ago and I've just come back for automation to find stuff still gfalls throught he ground
  5. I have a couple of questions about if the behavior I'm seeing is intended or not. The first is the habitat module. Let's say I've got the basic shuttle and put 2 seats on it so we can both travel to a new planet. When we arrive on the new planet and start to setup everything it's all connected to the base modules we have pulled from the shuttle pad, however when we finally get the infrastructure to add a habitat module there is no way to connect it to the existing base. Everyone seems to bring the habitat module with them on a full sized spaceship but that's not really viable with 2 players without the spaceship pattern. Is that intended? SHould there be a way to connect the habitat to an existing base? The second question is around multiplayer and joining a game. When you've traveled off the first planet and your friend crashes or gets disconnected and needs to be re-invited, they appear to land on the starting planet, at this point you've on separate planets and they now have no way to get to you without you flying back to pick them up (wasting fuel assuming you have it) or them building a new ship. Shouldn't any invited players land on the same planet and the person that invited them? Thanks
  6. Either I haven't found the habitat research yet or it gets built from the vehicle thing, which is the platform I'm missing and now can't place, so still stuck
  7. Yeah, I've read that a few times after posting this, but I still think it's a bug being able to get into a position of not being able to expand your base without restarting. Being able to destroy or reclaim a module would solve the problem but without that I don't think the game should let you get into this position in the first place
  8. Trade, so that's 5, we have trade and no vehicle at the moment
  9. I might be doing something wrong here but after adding 4 modules to the landing pod I don't seem to be able to add any more to it, nor can I pull new "cables" from the front of the 4 modules. This is on PC with the Steam version with 2 people playing
  10. Wendo

    Issue with tethers

    This is compounded in the new patch by not being able to pick tethers up anymore, you pick them up and the disappear
  11. Wendo

    Smelter can delete refined product

    Had this too with copper being produced