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  1. After getting a medium rover, I used the driving seat i had used for my buggy to move it into a position I liked, then put the seat back on the buggy (not sure if that's related to the cause), but after I started driving for a bit, I went over a bump and instead of landing on the ground, I went through it into the cave below. I logged out of the game and relaunched it. After digging my buggy out and driving it back to the surface, not 30 seconds after I got out, I fell back into the ground again after going on a bump (picture below). Looking around, it seems like vehicles slipping through the world is a bit of a recurring problem. If it happens again, I'm gonna repack the buggy and physically carry it to the surface and see if it resets after unpacking it. any updates will be posted here.
  2. I had been using rovers as a mobile mining/research lab. I had replaced the front rover with a large one, and sometimes when I got in the driver seat, it wouldn't move. Not struggle to move as if it was pulling too much, but it actually wouldn't move as if I weren't even pressing the controls. I'd get out and then get back in and it would move but this would happen (in the attached picture). It could possibly be caused by the 3 or 4 other medium rovers that I had lying around from trying to figure out why I couldn't train more than 3 other rovers, but either way I'd like to see this issue addressed. Thank you.