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    torn on the starting habitats

    I'm OK with the starter habitat having a power trickle, but I think it needs to be that-- just a trickle. Enough to run the small fabricator and nothing else. I didn't take note of how much power it's putting out currently though. The building's visual model has a nice RTG on the side, which is a nice nod to actual modern day technologies, so I'd hate to see that go away altogether.
  2. Orvidius

    [Merged] Vehicle Issues

    I love the new rovers! Except for one thing, for the last couple of days my large rovers have been flipping out whenever I step out of them. It doesn't seem to matter what attachments I have on the front. My astroneer steps out, half in the ground and half inside the front of the rover. The large rovers are starting to get extremely difficult to use: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_B2QvMC6I9c