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    Home planet is gone

    Xbox One. So we are able to leave any planet we was stuck on but once that is fixed our home planet is gone. But all things on the planet are floating ?
  2. Yea i figured it out in time. Once i got out the shuttle i got out and learned it was also a "Dead Zone" so i restarted my Xbox and was back at my base. Thankfully i didnt get back in the seat which is what saves the game. Best advice i can give is Always double check if your in a "Dead Zone" by checking if you can select items out your backpack or see if your compass pops up. Ive noticed when you move you curser over your body the compass pops up on the good spots and wont in "Dead Zone" i have embraced the Bug and now like to pretend there is a magnetic field or something that adds difficulty to the survival part of the game. ???
  3. Rage1227

    Snapping no longer works XB1S

    I've encountered the same bug after reading some of these forms I discovered it was a territory dead zone and if you explore a bit away from the habitat you can find a working area to move all machines 2
  4. Rage1227

    Cant place objects

    This is Xbox One
  5. Rage1227

    Cant place objects

    I have now found a area close to base that allows me to select items. But once i walk away from that spot i cant place an item. Seems like 90% of the planet is a dead zone for my signal. I found 2 research items and it wouldnt allow me to place in storage. I walk them to this spot and drop then drive to it. It allows me to place them in storage. ?
  6. Rage1227

    Cant place objects

    Also have 3 rovers out in the field with detached seats that i cant get back on to drive home.
  7. Rage1227

    Cant place objects

    Ok so i have several problems. I cant access my items in backback. I cant place items on rover. I cant link rovers. I cant place research material on rovers. I cant transfer items from backpack to slots in base (Most the time. Works when it wants too.) PLEASE HELP. I like the game. But very frustrating to not be ABLE to play due to these problems. There are plenty of open spots for items on the rover. Just wont hook on.