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  1. 16 hours ago, VT_Mongo said:

    This is a common issue with the latest build.  I have a feeling that the devs are pretty well aware of it being a major issue. Hopefully we see another patch that addresses spawn and rover physics in the near future. But it’s a developing game so these things are to be expected. 

    Yeah, bug like these tend to come out that's why we need to report to dev. I really want to see how far this game will develop when it come out as version 1.0.

    Actually, i think the problem lie within the work light. When I remove it, the rover got loose. 

    Also some more issue (just my bad habit of trying something weird and then found some bug)

    Work light disappear+unable to use/grab item

    1. attached 2 worklights at front(where rover's cable is)

    2. attach cable to the rover
    -at this point the worklight disappear-

    3. drive rover around base and get down (in my case, on the other side of my base)
    -at this point i cannot get in my rover and can kick it around like some loose rock / and some item of my base cannot be use or grab-

     I forgot to take a screenshot

  2. Version 0.6.5 Steam platform PC

    1. research rover create and attached as picture
    2. save and close game
    3. reopen and middle rover struck in the ground (reform ground cannot loose it out)
    4. drive seat cannot be use unless remove and attached it back (have to do it every-time I get down)

    this problem happened only after save and close game.