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  1. MadHatt597

    Twich streamers interested in 1.0

    I would assume a lot of people are interested in streaming this on Twitch. After seeing them release this content to a few specific "influencers" I have no need or want to stream this anymore. Stopped following anyone streaming 1.0 content already. I'm not sure anyone enjoys watching others play the game you have purchased, and have no access to. I understand no one cares, just wanted to stop by and say it anyway.
  2. MadHatt597

    Spaceship won't Launch after adding storage

    This topic is from almost 2 years ago now... but... try the enclosed seats.
  3. MadHatt597

    Home planet disappeared [Steam], []

    I think you're on the wrong planet. Terran has a moon.
  4. The game is in alpha. There is a disclaimer at the start of the game that says its still being developed. With a lot of updates, none of the saves are transferable to the next patch. Ive had the game for several months, and I have 670hours put into it where Ive made several hundred worlds. I expect none of them to be playable when the next update hits. None of this is outrageous, it's an alpha game with frequent patches.
  5. MadHatt597

    Infinite power with rover

    Ive found that plugging one end of the rover into a platform, and the platform back into the rover, the power doesnt get consumed.