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  1. I hope there is more to the come coming out. I really liked this game alot and would be bad if it just finished like that.
  2. Exactly as it sounds. Astroneer is a great great game, even back when we started as a life pod on the planet instead of a shelter - great game still. Yet here I am finishing unlocking all the portals on planets (since ive gone to all of them already and received all materials). I am wondering what the developers are doing next. Any words from them? Similar game? DLC? Etc. I saw some side notes they plan to add more enhancements to the basic game. Ive basically been playing a lot lately - had surgery. Not doing anything but playing games basically... trapped for few more days.
  3. So I dont have a screenshot.. but sometimes after adjusting the land a sliver of the "edge"shows underground. Shows only the cave. Not resources unfortunately.
  4. Now I just got launched from 2 layers down of cave to the surface and died instantly upon falling back down. Real fun guys. This bug seems to be getting worse.
  5. Ive been thrown and bounced off ceilings in caves as well as sent into orbit and fallen to my death multiple times today. Real fun. I guess I prefer this over when we would try to flip rovers underground to have them (and you) sent through the ground to be stuck in falling limbo.
  6. I was working on my base, merging resources and storage containers when suddenly I was shot straight up into the sky - basically orbit - of the planet. It was the same view basically you get right before landing. You can see everything around the planet... then I basically crashed landed onto the planet and died. Not a cool bug.
  7. Hello. I have 124 hours of Astroneer - dating back to the game showing up on EA all that time ago. I remember when we built with those goofy platforms and the lines and placing them was odd and when I could fly through the ground on a rover or when it would flip a mile in the air... I have spent some hours on the release version and had really hoped some features would have made it into the game. Even if some of these requests required some intense bytes to unlock that would be fine. Map & Better Beacon: A map would be great to have to help figure out the planet and such. But instead of a standard map that unlocks as the player explores - what about either a satellite we could send up above the planet? It would just launch from the landing platform. Then we could see a gps like feature on our backpacks. Beacons play into this... What if the same map could show important beacon landmarks? Stuff like that. Player could unlock this with a bunch of bytes to get the satellite, map, and gps unit. Backpack Optimizer: Maybe more slots is not the answer as I am sure lots of people want. (or it is, I am not designing this lol) I am fine with just adding more slots too though. What if we had another area on the pack just for the special stuff like tethers, solar/wind, oxygen pack, stuff like this? I find myself walking into a deep cave with all 3 gun attachments, oxygen, canister, tethers, etc. That doesnt leave me a lot of space going deep down into a cave for supplies then going back. Tether Fixes : This is simple. Please help fix the tether lag more! thanks Thanks!
  8. Anyone else having issues getting into their chairs? I can spam the E button but the gun just moves, chair icon doesnt do anything. I always have to pick up the chair and put it back down to get on.
  9. I had a game breaking experience due to this - very unhappy with what I lost from the rovers - I would def consider this a game breaking issue. Very angry this happened, never had this before this patch. I am just going to copy over my post from the steam bug report forum - Since the changes of the rovers in last patch. I have been having a lot of issues with them. I was ok with them glitching out with their tires "stretching" but when this happened.. oh its a game breaker - i lost so much stuff! I was in a cave with my large rovers (train of 2). I got out to clear some stuff away. When I got back in... I went into the abyss. Pictures - Thats me flying through the ground with the rovers tires stretching everywhere. I got out, and auto-floated back to the ground. But my rover .. never came back. Pictures - It happened because my rovers were auto-flipping when I got out or just going crazy.