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  1. I posted my own report in full in a separate thread. Started with one side of the planet glitching out. The other side glitched 10 hours later. Here's the save. AUTOSAVE_0_2018.03.21-01.14.38.sav
  2. Like many others I can't activate any objects, pick up items or use the backpack. It started about ten hours in after having built my first rover, which glitched out, driving backwards without me in it. I could push it around with my player model and it'd bounce around a lot. As only one half of the planet was affected, I moved most of my things over to the other, working side. But after another ten hours or so that side died too. Again I had a rover there that was driving around without me in it. Since any new games I start could just as well be affected by this bug, there's really no point in playing and this is a game breaking bug. I'm really disappointed to see no developer answers here. At all in fact. I'd ask Steam for a refund at this point if I could. While it is indeed early access and bugs are to be expected, it should at least be playable if you're going to charge money for it. There should at the very minimum be active communication with the community when big issues like these come up.
  3. I have the same problem on PC and after about ten hours the other side died too - the entire planet's broken now. Can't do anything.
  4. Some of the very first popular Minecraft videos back in the day were how to survive your first night. They served as excellent advertisement for the game. So yeah, having some sort of difficulty in there early on does not have to scare people away - on the contrary. Besides, challenge is fun.
  5. Yup, they're back, saw one today. Well, if they were ever gone - I don't know, I just got here.
  6. For me it's also half the world that's bugged: on one side of the habitat everything's fine, on the other I activate or pick anything up.
  7. I have the exact same issue that Warpface is describing. Anyone know if Era employees actually look at the bugs posted here? Seems like a large bug to go seemingly unanswered considering it's literally unplayable.
  8. Same problem here on 0.6.5: Can't pick up items, activate machines, bring up the backpack or get in the rover most of the time. Sometimes I can activate things from afar though and I can enter the habitat, which makes the camera clip through the ground beneath the structure. It all started with the rover being hard to get into from up close and then ultimately freaking out and bouncing all over the place.
  9. Same problem here on 0.6.5. Started with a rover freaking out and bouncing all over the place. Looks like a physics bug to me.