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  1. forgot to mention. Large rover gets stuck on rocks way too much/easily. If you really don;t want us to use it, just have the rocks stop it dead instead of having it not only stop but also get stuck and require digging out.
  2. I like the chemistry part. The medium shredder is hopeless. It producers so little it is not worth the micro of carrying thing to it. I think the issue, which has always been there, is still there. The issue is that the "game" is "complete the research tree and done". I like research, I like building out my base, but then what? No need to go to other planets because I do not need anything. I can explore a large world but for what? The game is now, build a small base, go off planet to get some iron/wolframite, then never need to go off planet again because trade platform giv
  3. next trip, tundra was right beside terran so I went. Wanted to come back and wait 5 minutes and could not get back. So I went to exoctic (I had an extra booster). I am now at 5 min waiting for terran. Before you could planet hop but with small shuttle and limited thrusters, sitting here wanting to come home and no way to do it is frustrating.
  4. Sitting in a small shuttle at exotic (which was one jump from terran)....and having to wait 5 minutes for terran to come into range, it a waste of everyone's time.
  5. My issue is that with that single use rocket, there is no real need for all the other stuff to make the large you go off planet to get the stuff which unlocks going off planet tech.
  6. So we now have the small rocket/solid boosters to allow us to go to other get iron...which allows us to make rockets to get to other planets? Am I missing something?
  7. Found a work around. I printed a second shuttle (that is now useless) and then printed the close seat and moved to the intended shuttle. For some reason, it will mount on large storage but not print there.
  8. Built large shuttle Build 2 large storage on it Now open seat and closed seat won't print. They are pink (resources are there). So can;t print, tried placing open seat and and get in but it will not launch. To make things worse, getting out of that open seat usually causes the shuttle to bounce and flip over making it unusable. Had to manually get to the save game folder to recover. I do not seem to be able to launch with a habitat either. Anyway, can the closed seat be printed on a large storage? Or is my shuttle useless and I have to make with only 1 large storag
  9. The medium rover was terrible and they fixed it but then made the large rover hopeless. Hit a rock? Sorry, now you are stuck. Get in s small gully? Spend 10 min making a very smooth, perfect ramp to get back out. It went from monster truck to being worse than the old medium rover; undrivable.