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  1. This becomes highly reproducible when you drop items into the mineral extractor.
  2. First of all, I'm pretty convinced that the sound designer/music composer looooves Earthbound, and I'm loving the constant nods. So I was finding an convenient place to put my mineral extractor since the canister that had fallen into it had become irretrievable. Turns out all I had to do was turn the problem on its FACE~ a solution SURFACEd into plain view~ ......I should go to a different planet, already. My specs: i5 quadcore 3.10GHz 1060GTX Geforce 3GB RAM 16GB RAM Windows 7 SP1 / Steam Mouse/keyboard This is Radiated, the third celestial body I'
  3. Not even the turbines are safe!
  4. I was about to make another medium rover in my beautiful-as-heck underground base when a compound unit dropped into my vehicle bay. I thought I had actually placed it on the node only to see it drop in, but it's possible the cursor was jostled out of alignment and this ended up being a simple instance of failed collision detection (using mouse). FYI, this is a base I'd dug out. The floor is obviously uneven, and it's difficult to get some module platforms to stand in a way so their feet aren't buried in the floor. I also dug a hallway leading down (right) to a second hollowed-out space un
  5. Please ignore the suggestive rover and observe that sideways displacement is also possible.
  6. I might have just made the yellow indicators sink further in by picking up and dropping the battery. Or is it my imagination? Later addendum: other batteries back at my base were appearing normally. PPS: Exiting to main menu and reloading my save caused the affected battery to display normally.
  7. Reproduced here. Underground on Radiated, which is my third celestial body (and the wonkiest thus far), I dug out a large section of underground to set up shop down there, including the vehicle builder. Already had a shaft dug with several ramps leading further underground. The first time I noticed the visual bug occur was after I'd descended down two ramps and painstakingly parked the buggy on an incline before dismounting (forgetting that dismounting effectively engages a parking brake... that probably shouldn't be automatic ;-P) and digging a hole that will hopefully lead to a cav
  8. Opening to deeper caves in center, helmet light is on the right, and unexplained creepy-as-heck light sliver is on the left.
  9. A light, possibly from the surface, appears to be filtering through the soil of Radiated and projecting onto my cave wall. Pesky photons need to leave my cave alone! Background: Radiated is my third planet, and when I saw that tornadoes have a penchant of passing by every thirty seconds, I decided to take my base downstairs, make a small underground bunker, then dig a hole from the bunker into the deeper caves. (The gray hole in the center is the opening to the deeper caves.) Two possibly related issues appear to be worsening with each successive planet: 1) my character catches
  10. I noticed this on Radiated. After moving to Radiated from Barren on a second attempt to set up my base (3rd base in solar system), I noticed the smelter smelting without flames. All my graphics setting are on ultra. Haven't yet confirmed if this bug is star system-wide for me, now. Specs: Steam / Windows 7 SP1 i5 quadcore 3.10 GHz 1060 GTX Geforce 3GB RAM
  11. I've sent an e-mail to Support with the relevant information. This crash occurred shortly after I had alt-tabbed out to report an animation glitch, reloaded the game (which fixed the glitch) and went into the Barren caves to grab fuel. The caves in Barren are loaded with all sorts of stuff (compared to Terran, anyway), and the framerate goes haywire when I'm down there. I'd harvested some fuel and was carrying a resource object out (on foot), near the entrance when the crash occurred. When my computer restarted, Flash indicated I was in need of an update... in case that means an
  12. Avatar holds their arm up to block wind on Barren. I traveled to Radiated and realized I couldn't power my small printer with my medium battery or solar panel since they weren't on a platform, so I traveled back to my Barren base to get more power generation items. A storm was passing somewhere nearby as I was leaving, giving my character the "wind-swept" standing/walking/running animations. These animations continued when I arrived at Barren, which doesn't have such storms. Specs: Steam / Windows 7 SP1 i5 quadcore 3.10 GHz 16GB RAM 1060 GTX GeForce 3GB RAM K
  13. The interface makes this game. Really good job on that! My instance of OP's bug: Steam / Windows 7 SP1 i5 3.10 GHz processor quadcore 16GB RAM 1060 GTX GeForce 3GB RAM
  14. Game is early access as heck, but still beautifully playable. My instance of planet bug: Perspective: from Barren i5 processor 3.30 GHz 16GB RAM 1060GTX GeForce 3GB RAM Windows 7 SP1