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  1. yoavmal

    New Ideas

    You should have read the roadmap.
  2. yoavmal

    Basic soil canister

    This sounds quite good, but we have few things to ask; how much soil will it store? Would it be possible to functiom without canisters but it? If yes, how usefully!
  3. yoavmal

    Small Storage

    Perhaps even a smaller 1 slot storage, that attaaches to any surface, making it useful in cases like cranes (adding lights to them) or maybe even a rover.
  4. yoavmal

    Ladders module

    well, in real life, if you had the abillity to manipulate the terrain, and you wanted to reach a mountain, what you would've done? if i had the choice of starting to waste lots of energy and soil or collecting a little of metals and building a ladder in order to do it multiple times. more then this, its much more logical, didn't you ever think your astroneer could just dig small stretches and put his legs and hands in there? its much simpler then bridging so much.
  5. yoavmal

    More types of weather

    its already planned, therefor water and rain.
  6. yoavmal

    Ladders module

    I recently thought of the fact we have no actual way of transportation throughout height effictionly, like we have rovers for surface. So the simplest thing i thought of is a ladder that you have to place from the highest position you want to start at and dropping it down, down to a limited height. Offer further options as you wish.
  7. yoavmal

    Named Beacons and Minimap/Radar

    Maps were denied, so think of something that doesn't show the orbit of the planet, and shows for example only tags of vehicles, beacons and bases.
  8. yoavmal

    Improved Compass Functionality

    As i see, many people do not have an idea about the fact maps were denied.
  9. It is a going to be very fraustrating to try and create different materials. It would feel more like a opening a crate in a game and getting something random, while hoping for the legendery things.
  10. yoavmal

    Large rover re design

    Reminds me of spore's vehicles system.
  11. yoavmal

    Walk around in Home Pod?! (Screenshoot attached)

    Where did you get this picture?
  12. Well, there have been many suggetions about it before, so all we got to do is wait for the developers to fix it.
  13. yoavmal

    Upgrades while inside habitat

    Alright, i didn't mean this kind of example but you can't really understand what i meant without a long explenation, so i better not start. This feature would be nice, and if we go for it, you maybe could (as if there was a camera on beacons) to view what you see on these. Maps are not really accepted by the developers.
  14. Wind turbines lock during too powerful wind in order to not break.