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    Exiting Vehicle Problems

    It seems the new 0.6.8 update has fixed it a bit. There was only once the rover flew back when I exited, but the other times it was fine. Thank you Devs <3
  2. Kzane

    Exiting Vehicle Problems

    I have the problem with entering with the one-seat too, but removing it and replacing it fixes the problem. Too bad the 3 seat can't be removed.
  3. Greetings! After hearing about the new 0.6.5 patch, I created a new world to give the new things a try. I crafted a large rover with a one-seater. However when I exit, it sends the rover flying into the air. After testing it a few more times, I realized it was my character that was in the way (it exited in front of the rover, not the side), causing tension between the character and the rover-- which made the rover launch into the air. This happened often around fully flat ground, but not too much on uneven terrain. I gotta say, it was quite entertaining to watch the rover fly across the base and do beautiful backflips. It did eventually get frustrating when I wanted to park the rover in a certain place. - Kzane