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  1. You're not listening, so I'm just gonna stop this conversation here.
  2. Chapmanzee

    Rework of the Fuel Condenser

    This is spot on, exploration without reward is the worst.
  3. Seriously dude, did you even read what I posted. There is NO challenge to that! You keep saying that this game isn't competitive, you couldn't be more wrong. It's you and other players vs. the game, that's the competition. I want the game to be a well balanced challenge which will make it more exciting for players, you want a game in which you can do anything you want at any time and I'm telling you that for the vast majority of people that won't be fun. Exploration for the sake of exploration is BORING, there has to be a reward for it. If the main point of the game is exploration then what is your problem with making it a challenge? It doesn't have to be a grind either but at least make the game interesting. You're saying "just don't use it", I'm saying that the mere existence of this exploit makes the game worse whether I use it or not because it trivialises one of the major parts of playing this game. And I'm not saying remove the trade beacon or the fuel condenser, but they sure as hell need to nerf them.
  4. Report that issue here - and you won't need the exploit.
  5. That's literally what you're doing! The way I and many other people play games that focus on exploration requires that the game have a point to exploration. Exploration without a reason is boring as hell in 99% of games, including this one in it's current state. Think about a game like GTA, it rewards exploration. It doesn't just give you an island to walk around on and see the pretty sights, it's dotted with hard to get to areas which have special weapons or vehicles in them. There's a risk/reward thing going on when you break into the military base, the risk of dying for the grand reward of a jet fighter or a tank. It's a challenge, if you could just spawn jets at your house it wouldn't be as fun, and if you can just spawn fuel at your base it completely ruins the challenge of: A. Finding fuel in the first place (though I understand what you said about some planets not having fuel on them) B. Finding every other resource in the game. A simple fix like making Fuel hard to trade (or one of the many other fine suggestions in this thread) would make it a challenge again. If you don't want this game to be a challenge, then what do you want from it? And don't say "don't use it", it's not my job to make the game a challenge, it's the games job to challenge us.
  6. Okay this dude is just trolling at this point, ignore him.
  7. You don't use them because you don't like them and the people who do use them don't like them... What's the problem with changing something like that?