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    Advanced Backpack

    This would probably need to be in sections. Honestly I would deeply enjoy it if there was a tier upgrade system in which you could still get upgrades for your backpack but there would be several different ones, such as an oxygen upgrade, and energy upgrade, and a storage upgrade. These upgrades could also have stages, such as each upgrade for energy will only grant an additional bar of energy, however you would be able to upgrade it multiple times, same with the oxygen and the storage, allowing perhaps 2 pipes of oxygen, 2 pillars of energy, or 2 additional rows of storage that extend from the sides making the pack bigger which could even slow the player a little more with each consecutive upgrade.
  2. Leo Veracruse

    Reduce amount of rocks by 99%

    I just finished reading this entire post and honestly, I am a little torn. On one hand I do agree that the rocks add a small degree of immersion to the planet, however, they lack verity and remove-ability. Where as on the other hand, they cause nothing but stress when driving rovers and once again, there is no way of getting rid of them apart from getting out of your vehicle and digging them up which is incredibly tedious in and of itself. I would not mind keeping the rocks if 1: they had their own texture/color to make them stand out from the normal terrain, 2: if there was a way to remove them whilst driving, and 3: if they had a bit more diversity or even a purpose. Heck, make them retrievable and give the game a rock crusher that can reward the player with either more Bytes or resources, adding more depth to the game and giving players the satisfaction of crushing the life out of those little demon rocks that cause so much stress.
  3. Leo Veracruse

    Vehicle Terrain Grip

    As of the 0.6.5 update, I have noticed that my vehicles have become more "Slidy" along the terrain as if they don't have near as much grip even on small slopes, however I have only noticed this issue as the vehicles slide from left to right, not forward and back. I am unsure if this is truly a bug or not, however I simply wish to bring it to attention.