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  1. Proposal: the Materials do not change the scale moving with a backpack on the workbench. As well as a tool of the character also does not change size. I think it will make the gameplay realism that suggests itself. If inventory can reduce the materials and a vacuum cleaner, why this technology does not apply in the rest of the equipment? If the scale material is always the same, then such issues will not arise. Suggestion: a game Mode with one life. This game mode will make players more cautious to explore the world and add excitement.
  2. Thank you for an interesting product and thank you for reading this. Really I liked your idea with the wires for the oxygen to be carried out on the surface for survival. I bought your product on Steam and I hope you will develop it and bring a lot of positive emotions players. Unfortunately the English at me badly, so I will use a translator, sorry for the inconvenience. I'd love to see the game in approximately real physics of cosmic bodies. The ability to control the shuttle, its own output in orbit watching the trajectory of movement (eg, in real time, without switching on the auxiliary screens). Variability shuttles and drawing them out of the various modules. With supplies with the necessary building supplies, acceleration, detachable tanks and stage. Space stations and ships long-distance, in other systems, for example. And ... a lot more distance between the planets. The ability to interact with the flora and fauna. The export of some species on other planets, creating, and possibly destroying biomes new forms of life. The interaction between them, the negative and the positive. The dependence of life on the planet and of solar panels on the distance from the sun (sorry if this figure is already present in the game). Move the necessary ingredients for machine tools through pipelines between warehouses. At the moment, the management shifting with material from the warehouse to the warehouse is only playing for time, not bringing pleasure. Despite the excellent, simplified visual style, in the future I would like to see a really rich and complex game with a lot of relationships, patterns and parameters affecting the planet. Thanks again. With best regards and greetings from the Russian winter! 12/5000