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  1. I have restarted my steam and computer several times, but I still see in the main menu that I am running v For some reason, steam is not updating my game to 0.10.5...
  2. OK, so the large rover glitches (aside from difficult steering now) seem to be gone, but now the medium rover can fly! Even a small wind sends it flying into ORBIT. ASTRONEER (Game Preview) 5_10_2018 8_06_14 PM.mp4
  3. iEMH

    [Merged] Vehicle Issues

    I entered my vehicle after getting off my drill. and for the second time the rover fell in a small hole (not a hole into a cavern, so not so deep. The rover always starts to slide every time I get on it, drill or diver seat.) and fell through the planet to some deep cavern, and got stuck on a ceiling...I was tugging an array I found as well, so this one really hurts , plus if I now get off the rover, I will certainly die in the cavern wherever I may be...
  4. It is very difficult to walk or terraform in irradiated planets. The terrain does not seem to pick the mouse pointer correctly when terraforming. And when walking, I often get stuck and have to jump to continue.
  5. iEMH

    [Merged] Vehicle Issues

    Another issue. or maybe it is intended like that? I have a large rover with two small rovers attached. Each small rover has a large storage on it. and some medium storages on those. Only the first small rover gets filled automatically while gathering resources (soil or resources). The second rover never gets utilized automatically. I have t manually pick up cans or resources and attach them to the storage.
  6. Does anyone knows what this is, and how to use it? Found it in a cave, but not sure what it is...looks like some sort of control panel.
  7. iEMH

    [Merged] Vehicle Issues

    I would like to add myself to the list of rover issues since the last update. I got off it in a cave, and the random jump of the rover placed it on top of me. Could not move, so I got on it again ( takes a few tries because just pressing E does not work must of the times. I have to disconnect/connect the seat to make it work). as soon as I got on it, Me and the rover went down through the world in a never ending fall. As interesting and fun as it was to watch, after about 10 minutes falling, I decided to dismount again. My toon travelled at warp speed back upwards to the roof of the cave I was in, but the rover with its full gear and loaded on resources kept going down to hell...never came back... it it is impossible to place this thing strategically anymore... and for all of you, bad boys, if you see my rover when you go to hell, tell him I miss him please...