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  1. My bad, Tethers were in backpack' left active slot.
  2. [Tether] (place) command duplicates on [Context Left] key.
  3. We tried to fire the fireworks manually, we used Button Repeater, but it didn't work. Steam, V.
  4. Above the clouds meant that the marker would be displayed in front of the cloud, and not behind it.
  5. And the distance to the center of the planet can also be shown.
  6. Given that transport often falls underground, this is a very good idea. And in general, for navigation it is not bad.
  7. "Add a map of the planet that would display players and markers of beacons, bases, etc."*
  8. At the moment, markers of beacons often overlap with clouds. Because of this, the last time I could not find a base for 2 hours.
  9. It would be nice to add a map of the planet, for example, as a small module which, when installed on the ground, would project a holographic map of the planet.
  10. At the moment, if I get lost, the search for my base can be described as agony.
  11. Models for "Small Solar Panel" and "Small Wind Turbine" are different for hosts and clients. As host i have an old model with no charge indicator, and as clients my model has a charge indicator.
  12. As far as I understand the developers did not want us to use small modules as intermediates in the transfer of electricity between platforms. But why remove all the connectors. It was enough to leave one connector per module to do this. And now it's impossible to build a base from scratch without taking platforms and modules with you. Previously, if I remember correctly, I could connect the Small Solar Panel (which I always carry in my backpack) and the Small Fabricator (which was created in seconds) and I could access the entire production chain. Now you always have to carry a packed platform for this.