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  1. 【TITAN】ⒻastⒶndreiiii✔

    Steam Cloud

    this helps for nvidia NOW?
  2. 【TITAN】ⒻastⒶndreiiii✔

    Steam Cloud

    hello gina, well nvidia now is a service where I can play high quality games, that is, if I want to play astroneer on ultra and my PC cannot, I can call this service but I need to save the game because it's a kind of stream from another PC
  3. 【TITAN】ⒻastⒶndreiiii✔

    Steam Cloud

    i know about this folder thanks a lot but this folder does not help me to connect on envy NOW to play there
  4. 【TITAN】ⒻastⒶndreiiii✔

    Steam Cloud

    hi, i don't know if i'm in the right section, i say it's a good idea to make a steam cloud on me it helps me a lot to use envy NOW some way i can't, especially when it's lag su i can't play but my salvation would be envy NOW so steam power cloud please[I use translator so excuse me if it was not fully understood what I meant to say I hope the essential is understood]