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  1. Demon_Child84

    Most Frequent Suggestion + Confirmed Features

    "Network hub mode" that can work for all systems i.e. PC, PlayStation , X box "Lan parties"
  2. Demon_Child84

    Most Frequent Suggestion + Confirmed Features

    A temporary fix you can use a diamond drill head to eat up the soil under the shelter and then you can level the ground that way but yes it would be awesome if we could move the shelter it would also be awesome if the power supply on the shelter was just as powerful as the one we can craft it seems weaker
  3. Demon_Child84

    Most Frequent Suggestion + Confirmed Features

    Or at least let us use the packager and then tossed it in the large shredder! 2 the small scrap like broken that tethers could be still added your backpack but cannot be bundled " for all small grid scrap
  4. Demon_Child84

    Most Frequent Suggestion + Confirmed Features

    maybe ab option to allow you to toggle some of the beacons on and off and the power to lable/rename beacons once you have many of them out to make a path to find your Main base
  5. Demon_Child84

    0.6.2 - Steam - Nothing is interactable/game engine broke

    also for the large one 1. any time i leave it it launches the rover into the air 2 when i exit the seat i am pushed up a few feet in the small rover 3 leaving the seat not connected to anything i am pushed up then fall
  6. I had the same issue was it would not do a proper Full screen mode. After I changed the resolution it worked a lot better when mouse goes outside the full screen it is glitched at times and need to fight to get it back (Vacuum keeps sucking at times like this)
  7. Demon_Child84


    you currently have no way to pause the game! could use 1 of two ways 1, Esc key 2, Pause key on the keyboard "if the pause key is used (can be changed on anyone's computer on their own keybindings) they can push it first before going into the menu for the ones that di not want a way to pause the game" when you press ESC you should make it pause the game as you change some settings or need to go to the bathroom real fast or people like me are playing this at work till i have something to do then get back on the game if you are in a cave far away from a tether and you were fixing something in the menu you ended up dyeing due to no air
  8. Demon_Child84

    Idea "Games saves"

    due to many glitches i have the idea of game save to reload a game before it had bugs i dont know how if is for non steam users but the game auto saves me where ever i was when i killed the game enter main base / seats will give a hard save and will save the last 3 hard saves of your current save becomes bugged you can load the one before to make sure you did not have the same issue. maybe a quick save / load button, allowing you to have more then one save
  9. Demon_Child84

    My list of Ongoing suggestions

    E. It would be helpful if beacons placed underground in mines didnt show up on the surface or while in orbit, having a breadcrumb trail of beacons can become cluttered onscreen as well as start to become indescernable even using the color coded system. Or just the ability to toggle them on and off like in Subnatica and at least have home base able to be seen from a far distance i get lost at times and can not remember where i came from PS. after a few deaths it no longer shows where you last died
  10. Demon_Child84

    0.6.2 - Steam - Nothing is interactable/game engine broke

    SAME issue with me at times it is as if i have clipping mode on my mouse and i can walk through other items sometimes like this also i can not interact with anything but my vacuum I will upload my screenshots when i am able to find them but this game save is not unplayable at the moment
  11. Demon_Child84


    Can you make it so when we press escape or go into the game setting menu it will pause the game? if you have to leave for a moment you might come back and be out of air or a storm came and you were hit by a rock playing on PC "Steam" if you need any other info just post and ill see it
  12. Demon_Child84

    Most Frequent Suggestion + Confirmed Features

    Car power 3 options 1. A super battery pack just for the car 2. make it so the battery will not discharge as fast 3. a mod that saves or recycles power " for example car spins a disk as you drive and puts out a small charge back into the battery to make it last longer"