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  1. This is the bug report I was looking for. Hoping they fix this next patch because it's one of the most game-breaking bugs.
  2. I have the same thing, and it's only when I'm hosting. Every time I join a friend or I play singleplayer, I don't get one lag spike at all in either of the things I listed.
  3. Templan

    1.0.4 power connectors missing from platform

    This is not a bug but this is merely a platform you found lying around somewhere by exploring.
  4. About 10% of the time when entering vehicles in a multiplayer game it will send you to space and you will be forced to wait for your oxygen to run out. You would lose all of your stuff and even be teleported to Sylva in some cases. My friend no longer wants to enter vehicles because of this bug that happens way too often.