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  1. Doggos_are_Edgy

    Nuking the Moon

    Is that a challenge?
  2. Doggos_are_Edgy

    Nuking the Moon

    Me and My boi @Lil Wonton stripped Sylva of all of its hydrogen and tried to make a hydrogen bomb on the moon.
  3. Doggos_are_Edgy

    Visual Multiplayer Bugs

    These two screenshots were taken at the same time in the same multiplayer game. As you can see, on the host's screen, everything appears perfectly normal. However, in the other screenshot (the non-host), both of the rockets solid fuel thrusters are firing, and the player is sitting inside of the tractor.
  4. Doggos_are_Edgy

    21:9 Support

    Now, feel free to correct me if I'm wrong, but currently there is no 21:9 resolution support. I could be doing it wrong, and I'm just not seeing it, but if there isn't 21:9 it would be very handy for someone with a 21:9 monitor.
  5. Doggos_are_Edgy

    New Bugs

    I've noticed issues with entering seats, where instead of entering them when pressing the key, I just keep pulling out my terrain tool. I've also noticed an issue where rovers bug out when entering and exiting rovers.