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  1. Icky

    Died inside habitat

    Another odd detail: now when I leave the habitat, I come out popping through the roof, I'm guessing because my old body is somehow still colliding with me.
  2. So, I bought the game only last night, and have been loving it so far! My issue was, as I was alt-tabbed and idling near my base (using Steam, mouse+keyboard), I heard a storm coming and some rocks hitting me. I managed to tab back in and enter the habitat, but when I checked back after the storm had passed, I realized I was relaunching a new spaceman, meaning that I had somehow died. The gear on my backpack was scattered in odd ways around the habitat: small windmill and solar panels I picked up off the ground, but the oxygen tank, tethers, fabricator, work light, and boost mod were oddly embedded in the habitat's texture as pictured below. I'm not really sure I can reobtain these items like a normal death, which really stings for that tank! Tank and Tethers clipping through wall Work light and small fabricator (?) attached to each other? Boost mod floating behind the seat