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  1. me and a friend started playing yesterday again and played about 6 hours. today we loaded up the world and the tractor got stuck in a hole as soon as he went into it to drive it out his screen went black and the game crashed we have (reinstalled etc.) now when he joins he gets a screen where it looks like the view you get from the space station in main screen. this lasts about one second after loading for 10 seconds and then it exists after it spins out of control. please find the screen shot attached. we are playing keyboard and mouse on steam I really hope you can help I believe a reload textures or world option would get around this problem. thanks Pieter
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    basically put the game has been running perfectly up until I created a large shuttle and placed down another habitat now the game refuses to save beyond this point and always throws me back to this point ,(MULTIPLAYER WORLD) its a bit of a pain in the arse Kind Regards Pieter