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  1. Do we need to start a new game again for this new patch or will our current one still work? I understand things change when a game is launched but I've made a lot of progress since the last patch so I do not feel like starting all over again.
  2. After having played for a few hours on the same starting planet, the game now freezes each time a new tether is placed and connects to the extensive tether network. This only happens when the tether connects and not if one is placed on its own so it probably has to do with the game updating the entire network of tethers each time. -Keyboard/mouse -Steam -I was playing normally when this stared happening. -The only way to reproduced this is to reach an unknown number of installed tethers. I know this is possible because once I reached a barren moon, this problem was no longer happening. I have yet to return to my starting planet to see if this is still bugged, I will update as I test further. Thank you.