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  1. james rush

    Game save crash

    So, I have a save game where I'm trying to get all the achievements, and the last two i have is to get the wanderer probes, and to activate all of the gateway engines. I'm on vesania with just about all of the engines finished, and everytime I either save the game by getting into a seat or my rocket the game boots me to the xbox menu. My thought was that I have done so much that the game is having trouble handling the amount I have done to each planet, but that's just my theory. I hope it can get fixed soon.
  2. james rush

    To the creators of Astroneer

    Is It possible that keyboard and mouse support will come to xbox?
  3. james rush

    To the creators of Astroneer

    I have a bug with the small rover. Whenever you back up with it, it likes to do front wheelies like it's getting stuck. But overall I haven't had many problems with any of the rovers.
  4. james rush

    To the creators of Astroneer

    Ok sounds cool.
  5. My name is james and i have played astroneer since release. I have followed mostly on xbox and have played it almost every day. I love how all of you create so many things to add to the game and never cease to amaze this community. I plan to keep playing and maybe suggest some ideas of my own. I hope all of you at System Era plan to make astroneer the best cartoon space exploration game the word has to offer. In reply to my earlier topic, I wanted to ask, what is the astronium going to be used for in the future? Also is it possible to add a few more ores into the game like gold or other metals for endgame stuff. By the way, at the time of this post I have explored the small rover and it's update, and I think you guys at system era did great fixing bugs and adding more unique things to the game. I will be looking forward to further updates and your reply, or anyone who wants to reply.