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  1. 1. Mouse/keyboard 2. Steam (Versions updated to 3. Multiplayer world with 3 people, just trying to connect an extender to a table for power. 4. We had been playing for a good 4 hours when things started to happen, almost every machine we had, we could just clip right through them. We had been playing for a while last night (March 15th) right when the patch came out, and after a while of playing we noticed we couldn't interact with rovers and we could clip through them. After we couldn't figure out why, more of our machines we could clip through, like the mineral extractor and other tables and such, solar panels and wind turbines. We thought it was because we had been playing for too long of an amount of time so we got off for the night. We got on today (March 16) and noticed that even more things were able to be clipped through, as well as if we stood on top of a medium battery and jumped off, from a height of probably the height of one of the astronauts, it would kill you, until we replaced it, as then it would be able to be clipped through, along with the medium wind turbine and medium solar panels would do this as well. I wouldn't know how to replicate these as we don't really know what happened. Our world will now stay in the dark corners of our game, waiting to be fixed