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    Increase the size of the planets and their rotation

    I think it would be really fun to explore a planet that is much larger than the ones we have today in game The current vehicles we have aren't able to traverse the current terrain we have super well. I feel like on most planets, you need to have a paver and drill before you can confidently drive to a destination, instead of letting the planet force you to follow along certain biomes that are navigable.... So it'd be interesting to think about how biomes could change to allow rovers to drive over them. Unfortunately, this would drastically increase the size of a save file, which would cause a lot of issues for console players who already have very tight save file restrictions... I'm not sure the planets can grow much larger for this reason alone.
  2. CptSpaceToaster

    3 Axis Compass

    I disagree whole-heartedly. Exploring is the fundamental part of the game. Getting lost as a result is rarely fun. The north pole does function that way, as the current compass doesn't handle the poles well, but if your base is closer to a gateway on the equator, then you can't look at your compass and "run east" to get there... you'll just be running circles around the planet. Tethers are fine, but can be a troublesome point if players rely on large tether networks on multiple planets. The saves grow too large on consoles and tethers are one part of the blame. Players already need to work too hard to keep the save file size down. If the solution to navigation is "just put tethers everywhere" you're actively excluding console players from being able to play on the same save and unlock every gateway before the save file grows too large. Giving players a tether-less option that allows them to walk around the world without getting lost would be better.
  3. CptSpaceToaster

    Mouse Driven Menu controls

    A couple folks in the speedrunning community found that we could use custom mouse software to map PgUp, PgDown, and Middle Mouse Click to Left, Right, and Enter respectively. This lets a runner snap open their backpack, select an item to print with their side mouse buttons, and kick off the print with the Middle Mouse button. This saves a lot of time over the course of the run, as a runner no longer needs to wait for the backpack to be in view, to click the button, or take their hand off the mouse to actually hit enter. But what's good for speedrunning can also be good for accessibility. This change was really helpful for us to make all printer menus easier to use, but we're currently relying on SteelSeries or Razor software drivers to change what keys the mouse is sending, when it'd really be great if the client just let players change their controls this way in the first place. Could the devs consider making this configuration easier for all players to achieve?
  4. CptSpaceToaster

    3 Axis Compass

    Players often get lost after traveling to the North or South pole, or away from their base if the beacon/waypoint is eclipsed by the horizon. This is made worse when player's compass begins to rotate wildly once you arrive at either pole. I would love an option to either enable a 3-axis compass in settings, or craft a compass upgrade. This would allow players to look at the orientation of all axis's and choose to run towards any of the 6 nodes on a 3-axis compass. The 3D hologram of the planet would track/orient itself as the player runs around the planet. This could replace the original compass' UI, or simply augment it. Additionally, any beacons, bases, or vehicles could be called out if the compass was large enough, or maybe if the player had the compass/orb in view for a couple seconds. Being able to always find home, or know if you're moving closer, or further away from the rover you just lost would be a huge help. I would prefer this feature as a settings option. I consider navigation to be an accessibility thing, and would be upset if it "not getting lost" was a late-game feature.
  5. Summary: - Steam - Can't print Medium Platform B when Small Printer is on a platform Description: The last update changed the orientation that platforms are printed at (Longways away from the printer). The offset the Medium Platform B uses to set itself away from the edge of a platform is not large enough and you can NOT print a Medium Platform B when the small printer is on a platform itself (for most orientations)... the silhouette shows a collision. Workaround: The small printer must be placed on the ground in order to not have a collision. Platform: Steam (and likely XBox One & Windows 10 Store) Version / Build Number: Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Pro x64 | v. 1803 | Build 17134.765 CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 1700X 3.90 GHz GPU: ASUS GeForce GTX 1070 O8GB RAM: Team T-Force DARK 16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR4 3000 (PC4 24000) Drive: Samsung 960 EVO 500GB NVMe - M.2
  6. But first, come context: 1. I'm a software developer, and totally understand that bugs and exploits are problematic, and often need to be fixed. 2. I'm the current world record holder for the Solo Any% category coming in at 3hr 08m and one half of the duo holding Coop Any% at 2hr 14m With the latest patch, the devs unintentionally stomped over the Coop Any% route. What looked like a sub 2 hour run optimally will now likely bloat to 2hr 30m or so. While a number of changes were made, the largest was the removal of Magic School Bus. Magic School Bus was such a time save as it allowed player 2 to clip to the core without having to mine, while also saving a significant portion of time when landing on a new planet, as player 2 would use the increased horizontal movement speed to reach the gateway at breakneck speeds, drop off a platform, and go pick up player one. I can't complain a whole lot, as the glitch is rather game breaking, however I'm not certain the devs currently consider the current speedrun techniques when targeting certain bug fixes. Removing bugs and exploits such as Magic School Bus, or Fast Mining potentially leave more room in the designed Astroneer experience for all players to set an accomplishable goal, and for players to be rewarded for their effort with new research/technology/game features. But that comes at the cost of the few speedrunners you have abandoning the game for something more stable/worth practicing. Presumably, Magic School Bus was removed to one: stop the game from being broken and two: leave in room for an item or game feature to allow for similar "free flying movement" such as a jetpack. 1. Jetpacks seem like a wonderful addition for the experience of someone playing more casually. 2. Assuming Jetpacks are moderately "expensive", they probably have no place in a 2 hour co-op any% speedrun (or 3 hour solo any%), as the resources required to craft them would take longer to route in, than the time that gets saved using them. And removing Magic School Bus to favor of jetpacks simply just forces the speedrunner(s) to either be slower, or reroute completely. This also ignores that the second player was also carrying an extra platform. while riding in the rocket. (I think that was removed, but we haven't checked honestly) The devs seem to be trading a more polished and designed experience for the relaxed/casual player for the exposure from the few of us who enjoy speedrunning it. If the policy is always "see bug/fix bug" without that tradeoff being calculated, I'm less excited to continue trying to route speedruns for this game, which in turn, lowers some minimal amount of exposure. I understand I don't speak with much clout here, but it seems like something that wouldn't be too difficult to take into consideration to make sure the devs don't outright kill speedrunning because they don't realize what we're relying on. In the case of Magic School Bus, I understand... that was fairly game breaking, and probably better for the game as a whole to have removed instead of being left in. But my concern is how that calculation will continue to play out in the future. I.E. Fast Mining, future restrictions on hard planets, etc. My suggestion would be to allow for some open discussion, or perhaps leave certain bugs and exploits that aren't harming players, knowing that removing them might hurt the potential exposure and speedrunning community for this game. Alternatively, perhaps the devs could expose previous versions of the game in the steam launcher that allow runners to select the version that contains the exploits suitable for running the game. I'll try to remember to check back here for replies. Otherwise, I'm always available on discord: CptSpaceToaster#9082 Astroneer Speedrunning: https://discord.gg/sAymR96 TL;DR: Bug fixes are awesome. Bugfixes that fix things that were not harming the planned design of the game come with the risk of discouraging speedrunners from running your game.