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  1. Even the flat you linked to, to spread across the ground, having a continuous horizontal surface, characterised by horizontal line without peaks or depression, arranged to be level or even.. Yup all these links still not one saying anything about flat having an angle. But sure, I'm the one tripping up over the word lol ?? It's all contextual as well, you can't have flat bumps but you can have smooth bumps. In that sentence, flat and smooth don't mean the same thing, you can have flat and smooth surfaces, you can have flat and smooth walls, floors, but
  2. Without raised areas... It's literally right there lol an incline, or slope is a raised area.. Lol you have just proven my point Also (because it won't let me edit my last response) That also includes level in its definition, an incline isn't level. I notice you also choose not to include the rest of the definition which stated horizontal. A flat screen is indeed flat, but it's not inclined it is flat, just like you can have a flat wall, but you can't have a flat incline, you CAN have a smooth incline, but flat, by definition is
  3. Enlighten me on at what point I insult the person? And with all due respect, literally look up the definition of flatten, I haven't misunderstood anything. It's a literal word, with a literal meaning. So surely then smooth would be a better choice. A person can shave their body and it becomes smooth, but if a person works their abs, and the loose their gut they become flat, you wouldn't describe a person with a beer belly as having a flat belly. The problem is its a cocky reply of its not stated what angle is the problem, taking the word flat, and using it
  4. So if you were asked to flatten a napkin that has lumps in it, you totally go to an angle right.. Yeah exactly.. Flatten. I'd even suggest googling the definition of flatten, and it too states to make or become flat. Now I put it to you to create an incline isn't to make flat. If you get a flat tyre it literally goes... Flat.. Face it, it's worded incorrectly when taken on face value of the word it's been labeled under, and to try and make some cocky reasoning to it is quite pathetic. You put the tool to 100% of new players, watch them use
  5. You need to sort out the flatten mod for the tool. The 1 of the basic 3 functions (remove, add, flatten) In the tutorial you call it the flatten mod but it simply doesn't flatten like you describe, it edits the terrain based on the angle the center dot is placed. It doesn't flatten unless the land you are taking from is flat. This is misleading to new players especially when you describe it as a flatten tool to give flat surfaces. The mod gives you the flatten ability, not the standard tool.
  6. I'm finding most of my map, especially around my Base is now made up of flat square sections, that have dropped a block or 2 down, the 'sides' of these are see through and you can see the caves below, they get you stuck If your driving around, they can be sorted with the terrain tool, but I'm not sure this is the same problem as in the 'known issues' Attached video for help Jump to 4:25 to see what I mean I kept it on the end of the video.
  7. This happens to me a lot, and the only thing I can conclude is that, where I Park up between saves is on ground that I placed down to cover a hole, and the rover is to heavy so it part buries it's self. It's annoying and only happened after the update that changed the rovers
  8. So if you drive forward, and look behind you, what happens...?
  9. Ahh I see, I must admit I don't watch the Dev things (totally should I know) So I get it all wrapped around me knackers, but looking at that video, unless they have things in the pipeline, then I'm sort of happy to agree, again, this is obviously just ifs and buts as they are still developing and adding so who knows. But yeah on that pipsqueek, until we know more of what may come.. Stick a seat? ?
  10. Sorry but I disagree I use the small rover for a few things, adding the pre printed seat would limit it's ability imo, the way they have it is fine, I don't want a pile of dead seats I have to remove (if that would be even possible) just to have rover units However I do agree with clearance, this last update to the rovers has fallen short, the ground they can get over is minimal, if it were real life, these things would struggle to get over a speed bump