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    Bug leads to new gameplay

    had something similar happen, just that it decided to get stuck in the wall of a cave half way down there. when i exited, same as you... got shot skyhigh, rover stuck down there. made it my mission to find that damn thing again... which in turn led to the biggest excavation i ever made and ~5-7h of fun they could make some kind of seperate game mod out of these kind of accidents and drop you with nothing but maybe a few oxygen tanks and some kind of random generated task (find X somewhere around Y... or survive and set up a base with A, B, C items )
  2. rackham

    Bug while exiting large rover v0.6.5.0

    I've been having this problem since 0.6 at least. seemed to be connected to where you get out/in (worse on recently modified surrface) and POV when you do it... i get the impression it's less bad when you zoom out as much as possible and do not look down. a bit as if exiting/entering sends some kind of impuls towards the rover from the camera position also, saw a video on YT (i think Z1gaming or something) where the player stuck the seat to the front of the rover (where you can connect it to another one) which completly stoped the crazy bouncing for the rest of his video
  3. I love to build underground bases, but flatening the ceiling is always a pain in the rear since the alignment mod doesn't work on the ceiling. at least i wasn't to get it to do so. i think it would be very, very handy if it would work the same way on a ceiling as it works on a floor...
  4. I'm not sure if this was intended or not, but with the last update (0.6.5) the power of the large rover was drasticly reduced (maybe also the medium rover) I have an underground base with a ramp leading up to ground level. Before the update i had no problem whatsoever to drive up this (and even steaper) ramps with a 2-large-rover train. After the update I wasn't able to get up the same ramp with even 1 larger rover, let alone a 2-truck train and had to reduce the inclination of the ramp significantly (i also got a indestructible and undriveable large rover out of the update... but idc about that)