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    Building Stuff (Maybe)

    This is great custom building would be an amazing feature to the game!
  2. I think this is great I really do hope it comes in the game!
  3. Mining does get boring, quite repetitive and especially annoying to get up to the surface again. What what be great is you could install elevators, this would be a great addition to the game due to how easier and satisfying it would be to finally get back to the surface so quickly and with no struggle. I believe if you do add this amazing addition to the game if you build one elevator it would be a box which can only fit 1 player in, but if you build more and place them next to each other you'll be able to make it bigger and be able to place vehicles in for extra storage. Considering mining does sometimes quite boring I would suggest that you could add traps which scares the player, possibly add interesting artefacts and items to intrigue the player and carry on inside the mines to see what else person can find. the biggest spaceship so far just allows you to carry more storage which is great, well all need that. But what if the next biggest spaceship added you could travel to other universes or galaxy's and it can carry your spacecraft so when you do land you can roll out in your vehicles. Imagine a bigger space ship and could be your little base in outer space which you can visit now and then. The game doesn't have much to offer considering progress. There is just the End game which isn't even that rewarding.
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    Update 0.10.5 - November 14, 2018

    Will their be more updates after its been released? If so a lot of hype for this game! Also their are frame rate problems on x box one and its soooo frustrating when your trying to have fun with the game!