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  1. XBOX 1 - I think a more fluid way to carry items would be to keep the screen fixed just like when your walking around. as it is, when you pick something up you get a mouse cursor like effect and you cant turn the screen easily anymore. the screens movement is now based upon the item you carry instead of the 3rd person camera. it makes for slow clunky movements, and personally the most aggravating part of the game. i understand that having a non fixed movement like that allows for a fine tuned placement of things, but what about this. when you pick something up the item simply gets put x amount of feet in front, the screen and astronaut all move the exact same as if nothing has changed, now when you want that fine tuned placement of something you just simply pull the left trigger and now the item moves independently from the screen. as it is, to pull the left trigger already does that for when you want to pick something up.