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  1. bryan davila

    update 0.6.5

    I'm a player on windows 10 and I'm currently waiting for the update that was supposed to come out today and my buddy over on xbox said he got it. whats the deal?
  2. bryan davila

    Update 0.6.5 - March 15th, 2018

    I'm in the exact same place. the update is out for steam and xbox one and i know because i tried both but the windows10 is still a no go
  3. bryan davila

    Update 0.6.5 - March 15th, 2018

    so like its the 15th wheres the update on "xbox play anywhere" because like i cant play with xbox anymore
  4. bryan davila

    The "Basebuilding Update" - February 22nd, 2018

    so like does anyone els have update 0.6.5 on windows or is it just me??!?!?!?!?!?!