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    Update 0.9.2 - August 6th 2018

    It's hard to be patient when my base is inundated with rocks and plants every 5 minutes. I can't wait for Terrain 2.0
  2. Calvin Walker

    Update 0.9.2 - August 6th 2018

    Enough with the respawning rocks!!! It's super annoying. I flatten a nice path, walk away for 30 seconds to collect compound, and the thing is COMPLETELY LITTERED with rocks and fauna. @SES_joe @SES_Adam please make it stop respawning on terraformed ground. It makes my perfectly smooth and seamless base and paths look terrible. Highly off-putting
  3. Calvin Walker

    Update 0.6.5 - March 15th, 2018

    I am on Xbox One, and am having issues connecting with my friend on the Windows 10 pc version. When we try to connect, the game keeps telling is that one of us needs to update, even though we are both using