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  1. MajorFizz87

    Rover and Drill Problem

    The rover will not move while drill is on still. Why hasn't that been fixed?
  2. MajorFizz87

    The Lunar Update - July 18th, 2019

    The rover will not move while the drill is on still? Why hasn't that been fixed yet??
  3. MajorFizz87

    Getting off the core need help

    All you've done is criticize me. You didn't answer or contribute anything but negativity so use your own advice. Cheers!
  4. MajorFizz87

    Getting off the core need help

    You have to die and come back. Leave all your stuff at the core portal. I couldnt get off without dying or using the portal. Also, Mr. Solo needs to chill out. He took a neutral comment and turned it into a negative conversation for no reason. I mean, really dude. This isn't Jerry Springer. Keep it positive in the future, please.
  5. MajorFizz87

    Getting off the core need help

    I figured it out. Feel dumb now. It's not just near the core. Lol frickin A, man......
  6. How do you get back from the core to the ground around the core. Everytime I try to mine astronium on the ground I get sucked toward the core and flipped upside down. Is there a way to get around this??
  7. MajorFizz87

    Astroneer Backpack

    I really hope you sell those Astroneer backpacks that the Youtubers got because I would totally buy one. Please sell them! Also, beanies would be sweet as well.
  8. MajorFizz87

    Xbox version Bugs so far

    I am experiencing this as well.
  9. MajorFizz87

    Inhibitor mod not working on xbox one

    I'm playing on 1.0. I know there is supposed to be another patch soon but was delayed so hopefully that fix is included.
  10. MajorFizz87

    Downloading Xbox Version

    On an off topic. Does anyone know if the inhibitor mod has changed? I can't remove obstacles or gather organic like before.
  11. Did the inhibitor mod change? I thought it removed obstacles and gathered organic but it's not doing anything. I add wide mod but nothing. Do you need a drill now? Is it a bug? Please, need help. Thanks!
  12. Has something changed that I'm not aware of because I thought the inhibitor mod removed obstacles and gathered organic. I'm on xbox one and it isn't working. I swear it used to work.
  13. MajorFizz87

    Vehicle Bay Boxed Rovers

    I think when the vehicle bay prints the rovers, they should be boxed like the other items so I can transport them by shuttle.
  14. MajorFizz87

    How do I...?

    How do you use the control panel on the Splitter with xbox controls. I thought you could use the sliders? Can you not do this on xbox? Figured it out. Nvm.
  15. MajorFizz87

    [Merged] Broken Planet

    Yeah. I've lost multiple rovers from falling through the map. On xbox, the rendering is pretty bad. It was actually better before.