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  1. Hello guys, First of all, congratulations on your release! We've followed the game since Early-Access day 1 and Astroneer's journey is remarkable! I love your game! I'd like to address an issue I add with a couple of friends while playing the game once released. Even though we have no issue of lagging at all while playing solo, we experienced huge lags in multiplayer and - unfortunately - had to stop! I think that this is mainly due to the fact that both of my friends were in the US and I was in Europe... (I am pretty sure it is important to mention that, haha!) Can you explain the concept of "HOST" on a multiplayer? Is the console of the player that is hosting responsible for the merge of everyone's actions? Will multi-continent play be possible at some point? Thanks again for the journey, I hope you will be able to address the issue!
  2. We could definately do something cool like making beacons more effective (seeable from farer) if powered ! (Well, I think it's cool anyway )
  3. Please do not add a mini-map! This game is all about exploration and survival while doing so. I feel like it would be a too easy to walk around with one. Yes, even with the base beacon, I already managed to get lost a couple of time and could not get back, but that is part of the fun and the game! If a dome is built around the base, you would be immune to storms but (there is a but, otherwise it is not interesting) wind turbine won’t work and solar panels would have lower performances ! BTW, I still don’t understand how turbines work... Panels work by day only (obviously), but turbines do not seem to better work by storm, maybe by night ? IdK...
  4. So with the recent Reseach update, it is great, you can choose what you get from research... But there is a lot of stuff (which is awesome) and it is sometime confusing! I get the idea that you have to discover by yourself what is what, but it can be frustrating to spent all your research currency on something that you do not actually need right now! (+ I don’t want to spend my gaming session between the game and its wiki page...) That could also be useful for the printer, but if there is one is your backpack, it can serve both purposes thanks Let me know what you think of this
  5. Hello guys, once again, I love your game, I’ve been playing it since day 1(ish)! Your last update is great because it allows use to better manage the base! but I found that the big circle that appears at landing along with the base and that give you the medium builder is taking too much space and - worse than that - it cannot be moved! I would recommand that: - it is a button to press at the back of the base (there is a blank space) - or that (I like this one better) that you need to craft a small builder from your inventory, so that you can actually craft yourself a medium one! It can appear a bit tidious, but you need to do so only once! Let me ear your thoughts ! Cheers
  6. Hey, I’ve played yesterday the new update and it’s great! But I think there is an issue when you pause research (by clicking twice A on the button) I wanted to do so for energie management during nighttime... So when I stop research, the research ball disappears and I loose it. I don’t think it is meant to be that way... On the other hand, when you pause the printer, it resets the printing and give back resources. (Which is fine... you just loose spent energy) lit could have been doing a « real » pause, but this is also fine! thanks a lot good luck